Photo of Gary RensloGary Renslo was appointed Chief Information Officer of DGS on March 1, 2018. He was the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) and Acting Chief Information Officer (CIO) for the California Department of General Services (DGS). As CTO, he oversaw the applications, infrastructure, and enterprise architecture for DGS and, since starting in September 2014, has led the successful innovation of its automation systems, positioning the department for more rapid business process improvements through reliable, cost-effective technology services. 

Throughout his 23-year career in state service, Mr. Renslo has worked in a variety of technology and program roles with a passion for problem-solving from the perspective of a technology leader and customer. He has managed an annual budget of $5.5 billion for mental health services and directed teams of technology staff and vendors to communicate technology vision, policy, and standards to stakeholders on a statewide level. He also created a long-term, statewide technology transformation of county mental health information systems by establishing technology standards for implementing electronic health record systems and statewide project approval criteria for $200 million in funding for county technology projects.  When not contemplating new technology initiatives, Mr. Renslo also enjoys spending time with his family watching the latest Marvel movie, hiking to a lake in the mountains, and gardening in the backyard. Mr. Renslo‚Äôs education includes a Master of Science in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from California State University, Sacramento, in 1994.