(Revised: 01/2021)

Sufficient identification must be presented by the designee to reasonably assure the agency/department that the applicant is the named designee.

If the designee submits the Request for Delivery of Warrants of a Deceased Employee form by mail, or other than in person, at the agency's/department's office, the notary public's acknowledgment identifying the designee will be sufficient identification of the designee.

If the designee personally appears at the agency's/department's office, the agency/department will complete the "Description of Identification of Designee" section of the form, describing therein the identification presented. The form normally does not need to be notarized. Two or more documents such as a social security card, driver's license, credit cards, state identification card, passport, etc., normally should be sufficient for identification. The designee's signature on such documents may be compared with the designee's signature on the request for the delivery of warrants. Also, the designee's stated age and relationship may be compared to that shown on the designation form and that address compared with the designee's address on the designation form.

A current employee or any other well-known person may provide a statement to confirm a designee's identity. The department will note such statement in the "Description of Identification of Designee" section of the request for delivery of warrants form

A department may require a designee to obtain a notary public's acknowledgment if in doubt that a designee has not provided sufficiently reasonable identification.

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