(Revised: 01/2021)

When a payee maintains that a state warrant was not received, the payee must contact the agency/department that authorized the payment. The agency/department will prepare a Request for Duplicate Controller's Warrant/Stop Payment (STD. 435) with the original warrant number, issue date, and dollar amount.  The STD. 435 will be completed and signed by the payee. If there are multiple payees, each must sign. The State Controller's Office (SCO), Division of Administration and Disbursements, will furnish copies of both sides of the warrant to the payee,so they can verify the endorsement or signature block on the back of the warrant.

If the payee alleges that the endorsement is a forgery, the payee must write a letter to the SCO and request a forgery investigation. The request letter will include but not be limited to the following items:

  • On the subject line, indicate "Request to Start a Forgery Investigation on Warrant# xx-xxxxxx".
  • In the letter, add the following statements:
  • You or your company never received warrant# xx-xxxxxx dated xx/xx/xxxx in the amount of $_________.
  • State that the signature or endorsement stamp on the back of the warrant is not yours and attach an example of your normal endorsement signature or stamp for the SCO's comparison.
  • State that you would like a warrant reissued and mailed to the specific address provided in the letter.
  • Include your contact information (e.g., your company address, e-mail address, phone number).
  • Attach a copy of the cashed warrant with the letter.
  • Mail or fax the letter to the SCO:

State Controller's Office

Administration and Disbursements Division

Attention: Forgery Desk

P.O. Box 942850

Sacramento, CA 94250-5871

Tel:  (916) 445-7789

Fax:  (916) 445-5759

The SCO will analyze the documents, and if it appears that the endorsement is a forgery, the SCO will forward all pertinent documents to the State Treasurer's Office (STO), Item Processing Section.

The STO will then send three copies of the Forged Endorsement Affidavit, Form STO- CA-0034, to the payee to sign. The payee must ensure the following requirements:


  • All three copies must be signed in ink.
  • The payee's signature must be either witnessed by two disinterested parties or notarized.
  • Witnesses must sign all three copies; one notarized copy will suffice.
  • The payee is to return all three copies to the STO.


Upon receipt of the completed affidavits, the STO will compare the signatures on the affidavits with the endorsement signature on the warrant as a final check before requesting repayment of the money from the applicable bank. After receiving the funds from the bank, the STO will authorize the SCO to reissue the warrant. See SAM section 8041.1 for procedures for handling altered or forged agency/department checks.

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