(Revised: 01/2021)

Agencies/departments may issue office revolving fund checks to replace lost or destroyed payroll warrants but only after completing the forms as required below.

If a payroll warrant is lost or destroyed:

  1. Prior to an employee receiving a payroll warrant, the agency/department must complete a Proof of Lost or Destroyed Payroll Warrant and Request for Issuance of Duplicate Warrant form, CD 113 A or B. Detailed instructions are in the Payroll Procedures Manual, Chapter I, Section 320. The duplicate warrant will be mailed to the agency/department.
  2. After an employee received a payroll warrant, the employee must complete the certification on a Request for Duplicate Controller's Warrant/Stop Payment form, STD. 435. The agency/department will complete STD. 435 with the agency/department address in the upper left-hand box. This process will ensure the duplicate warrant is sent to the agency/department.

The duplicate warrant will be deposited to reimburse the office revolving fund.


If an employee overpayment occurs, agencies/departments must follow the collection procedures in SAM section 8293.2.

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