(Revised: 01/2021)

Agencies/departments will use a Request for Duplicate Controller's Warrant/Stop Payment form, STD. 435, to request a duplicate warrant and replace a lost, stolen, or destroyed warrant. Agencies/departments will not issue an office revolving fund check to replace a lost, stolen, or destroyed warrant except for a payroll warrant.

The agency/department that authorized the original warrant (authorizing agency/department) will complete the top portion of the STD. 435. The pertinent data should be typed or legibly printed. If the information is not legible, the State Controller’s Office (SCO) will return the form to the agency/department.

The authorizing agency/department will mail the STD. 435 to the payee to complete the certification. The payee shall be instructed to use a non-black, ballpoint ink pen to sign the STD. 435 form. This is to ensure that the SCO receives the STD. 435 with original signatures. If it cannot be ascertained whether an original signature is affixed to the STD. 435, the SCO will return the form to the authorizing agency/department. Upon completion, the payee will mail the completed STD. 435 to the SCO, Division of Administration and Disbursements.

Upon receipt of the properly executed STD. 435, the SCO will verify the status of the original warrant.

  1. If the warrant has been cashed, the SCO will send a photocopy (front and back) with the STD. 435 to the authorizing agency/department.
  2. If the warrant is still outstanding, the SCO will place a stop payment on the original warrant and issue a duplicate warrant within 10 working days. The duplicate warrant will be mailed directly to the payee.

If the authorizing agency/department wants notification that the duplicate warrant was issued and mailed, the authorizing agency/department must complete page 3 of the STD. 435, Agency Acknowledgement of Issuance of Duplicate Warrant. The SCO will date stamp the acknowledgment when the duplicate warrant is issued and mailed to the payee and forward it to the authorizing agency/department.

In cases of lost or stolen warrants, the authorizing agency/department will complete the STD. 435 as instructed above. The authorizing agency/department will mail or fax STD. 435 to the payee and fax a copy to the SCO. A stop payment will be placed immediately to prevent the redemption of the original warrant. The authorizing agency/department must instruct the payee that if the original warrant is recovered, it must not be cashed. The original warrant will not clear the banking system. Agencies/departments will use this process only when the payee has reported the theft of a warrant, and they must call the SCO at 916-445-3903 to place an immediate stop payment.

See Government Code sections 17090-17097 regarding lost, stolen, or destroyed warrants.

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