(Renumbered: 10/2020)

(Revised and Renumbered from 8422.25 and 8422.26)


Warrants Payable to and Agency/Department

When a warrant is payable to a state agency/department, the Division of Administration and Disbursements Bureau of the State Controller's Office (SCO) will credit to the agency's/department’s office revolving fund account in the Centralized State Treasury System.


Warrants Payable to Counties

Whenever a payment is to be made to a county, or an agency or office of a county, the payment will be made to the County Treasurer (unless there is a statutory basis to do otherwise). Where a payment is made to the County Treasurer, the filing agencies/departments will forward the following to the SCO:


1.   A copy of Remittance Advice (STD.  404C), or a customized form approved by State Controller's Office–Division of Disbursements and General Services Forms Management, see SAM section 1725) for mailing the warrant to the County Treasurer.


2.   An extra copy of the Remittance Advice or other approved customize form for the County Auditor. Use a separate legal-size plain envelope marked “County Auditor’s Copy”, and stapled to the Remittance Advice, STD. 403 to forward this extra copy to the SCO.


3.  The Remittance Advice will show the name of the State agency/department filing the claim and properly identify the payment by referencing the invoice, agreement, or subvention program with a legal reference, if pertinent, and subvention program account code. Appropriate abbreviations may be used.


4.   According to Government Code 26903, when agencies/departments transmit money or credits to the county treasurer, at the time of transmission, they will also transmit a notice to the county auditor providing the following information:


  1.  The amounts of money or credits or evidences transmitted.


  2.  The mode of transmission and the date when the agency/department placed the money or credits, or evidences thereof with the county treasurer.


  3.  A description of the money or credits, or evidences thereof, and the purpose for which transmitted.


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