(Revised: 10/2020)

Training invoices submitted to the State Controller’s Office (SCO) for payment must be authorized in the agency’s/department’s training plan and must comply with the provisions of an authorizing training document (e.g., STD. 697 Training Registration). The authorizing procurement document must provide pertinent details such as the employee’s name, amount of fees, date of class, vendor information, course details and important terms and conditions. The authorizing procurement document must include the funding information and the approving officers’ signature. 


Agencies/departments shall develop the authorizing procurement document such as a contract, service agreement, interagency agreement, or training requisition form in a manner that safeguards the state’s interests. Training invoices of more than $5,000 must be supported by a contract or interagency agreement. Refer to the State Contracting Manual 1.A3.5 for further guidance.


Claims for payment/reimbursement of training invoices must include proof of completion or reason for not attending the training. In some instances, certification that the training was completed can be done by the approving officer’s signature (signed and dated after the training completion date). The approving officer’s signature on the authorizing procurement document will certify that services were rendered and authorizations were duly obtained.  


Claims for payment/reimbursement of training invoices shall not be submitted to the SCO for payment, prior to the start of the service period or training date(s).

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