• Reporting requirements of Executive Order S-10-04 "All state agencies, departments, boards, and commissions under the authority of the Governor shall review all real property assets which are currently under their jurisdiction, as well as real property leased by the state.  As part of this review, all state entities shall provide complete reporting of their property inventory in compliance with guidelines to be issued by the Department of General Services.  The Department of General Services shall record these inventories in the Statewide Property Inventory." 
  • Government Code Sections11011.15-18 established the SPI
  • SPI Summary Report

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For technical assistance and general questions regarding the SPI website and SPI data please email us at spiweb@dgs.ca.gov.

SPI Surplus Property

For assistance regarding SPI Surplus Property, please email Robert McKinnon at Robert.McKinnon@dgs.ca.gov.