The State Allocation Board (SAB) announced today that it has awarded approximately $94 million for school construction projects throughout the state.

The SAB awarded approximately $94 million for 352 Emergency Repair Program (ERP) projects within 51 school districts. The ERP provides grant and/or reimbursement funding to school districts for the cost of repairing or replacing existing building systems or structural components that are broken or not functioning properly and which pose a health and safety threat to students and staff at eligible school sites.  The ERP funds will be released automatically and should be deposited into district accounts within five weeks of today’s meeting.

 “The State Allocation Board’s actions today provide cash apportionments for emergency repair projects across the state,” said SAB Chair Eraina Ortega, who also serves as Chief Deputy Director, Policy at the California Department of Finance.  “The funds will be distributed to school districts within five weeks so local emergency repair projects can move forward as quickly as possible.”

The SAB is responsible for determining the allocation of voter-approved school construction bonds, as well as the administration of the School Facility Program and the Emergency Repair Program. The SAB is the policy level body for programs administered by the Office of Public School Construction which resides under the State of California's Department of General Services. The Office of Public School Construction provides the staff and support for state financing of school facilities.