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Effective December 17, 2010, the OPSC is no longer accepting applications for the Emergency Repair Program. Processing of applications already received will continue until the sum of funded and unfunded approvals by the State Allocation Board equals $800 million.  Unfunded applications will be funded in the date order they were received when funds become available. Once $800 million has been allocated, all remaining applications will be returned to the Local Educational Agencies.

Emergency Repair Program

The Emergency Repair Program (ERP) provides grant and/or reimbursement funding to Local Educational Agencies (LEAs) for the cost of repairing or replacing existing building systems or structural components that are broken or not functioning properly and that pose a health and safety threat to students and staff at eligible school sites. Funds will be made available annually through the Budget Act and the program will operate until $800 million has been allocated.

As of August 26, 2015, the State Allocation Board apportioned $796.9 million for funded projects. The Office of Public School Construction (OPSC) ERP Workload List (Excel) shows applications funded and received through December 31, 2008, that have been placed in workload (pending processing). The OPSC has not added to the workload list since December 31, 2008.

See all ERP forms (link).

ERP Additional Resources


The ERP provides funding to schools identified by the California Department of Education (CDE) as ranked in deciles one, two, or three based on the 2006 Academic Performance Index (API). The List of Deciles 1-3 Schools (link) is available on the CDE website. 


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