1. What is the current processing time?

    Approximately 30 days; however, contact the SLP Unit for status.

  2. When to use SLP agreements?

    SLP agreements are established to reduce the need for individual departments to conduct repetitive acquisitions for proprietary software licenses and software upgrades while taking advantage of the large volume discounts offered by the software publishers.

  3. Are SLP agreements competitively bid?

    No. They are negotiated.

  4. How do Departments use SLP agreements?

    Departments solicit a minimum of three (3) contractors; obtain offers and award purchase orders based upon lowest cost or best value as determined by the needs of the individual department. Departments can visit Cal eProcure to obtain a copy of the specific SLP agreement.

  5. If I send a Request for Offer and only one responds, can I issue a purchase order to the one that responded?

    Yes. Just document your file why the other two resellers did not respond.

  6. What products/services are not available under the SLP?

    Hardware and standalone Consulting are not available.

  7. What products/services are available under the SLP?

    Software, Maintenance & Support, Implementation, Training, Installation, SaaS.

  8. Can Implementation Services be purchased standalone?
    Implementation services can be purchased standalone when they are in support of the software purchased under the SLP.

  9. Can Services be paid upfront?

    No. Services (implementation, installation, training) must be paid in arrears.

  10. Can Software Maintenance be paid upfront?

    Yes. However, you can only pay annually.

  11. Is Cloud Platform as a Service (PaaS) and Cloud Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) available under the SLP?

    No, PaaS and IaaS are not available under the SLP. Please contact the California Department of Technology for these services.

  12. Is SLP contract pricing a maximum?

    Yes, SLP contract pricing is the maximum that the contractor can charge. Departments are strongly encouraged to negotiate lower prices and seek competition.

  13. What is the maximum order limit under the SLP?

    $2 million. Please follow your Departments purchasing accreditation tier.

  14. Are there exemptions to exceed the dollar threshold?

    Exemptions may be available for spend over $2 million with prior Department of General Services approval. Please complete the SLP exemption request form and submit your request to the SLP team. Local governments set their own order limits.

  15. Do agencies need to contact each SLP contractor for a Std. 204 Payee Data Record?

    The contractor’s Std. 204 Payee Data Record is located within the SLP agreement.

  16. I am a software publisher; how can we apply to be on the SLP?

    Please contact the SLP Unit at slp@dgs.ca.gov or (916) 375-4365.

  17. Can State and Local governments use the SLP?

    Any entity that can expend public funds may use the SLP.

  18. Can a SLP reseller provide products or services after the SLP expires?

    Yes, only if the SLP purchase order is issued prior to the expiration of the SLP.

  19. Are there extensions and renewals available for SLP agreements?

    At this time SLP agreements are not extended or renewed.

  20. Are there Small Business/Disabled Veteran Business Enterprise resellers under the SLP?

    Yes. You will need to check the Small Business/Disabled Veteran Business Enterprise availability under each software publisher on Cal eProcure.

  21. Is there a small business preference under the SLP?

    No. Small Business preference, Disabled Veteran Business Enterprise incentives, protest language, intents to award, evaluation criteria, advertising, etc., are not applicable.

  22. If the SLP reseller is a California certified small business, and they accept a SLP purchase order from a local government agency, is the one percent incentive fee waived?

    No, the one percent incentive fee is not waived if your company is a California certified small business.

  23. Can the SLP reseller withhold paying Department of General Services the 1.25% incentive fee until they have received payment?
    No, incentive fee cannot be withheld until reseller receives payment.

  24. Does the 1.25% incentive fee apply to the entire purchase order grand total?
    No, the incentive fee does not apply to taxes or freight charges, unless Small Business/Disabled Veteran Business Enterprise off-ramp is used.

  25. When are the incentive fees due at Department of General Services?

    The incentive fees are due to Department of General Services when the SLP quarterly reports are due.

  26. When are the quarterly reports due?

    The quarterly reports are due on April 15, July 15, October 15, and January 15.

  27. Do I have to submit a quarterly report if I have zero sales?

    Yes, you must submit a quarterly report indicating zero sales.

  28. Where do I submit my quarterly report?

    Quarterly reports must be submitted by email to slp@dgs.ca.gov and incentive fee checks, payable to “Department of General Services – SLP” must be mailed.

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