CalPCA, the California Procurement and Contracting Academy, presents the entry-level Basic Acquisition Certificate (BAC) learning path. BAC introduces new California state acquisition professionals to the world of purchasing IT and Non-IT Goods and Services. Take these five web-based courses in CalPCA Online, the DGS Procurement virtual training center, for a basic look at acquisition fundamentals, rules and regulations found in the California State Contracting Manual.

Self-paced courses require an active internet connection, using Google Chrome, Firefox Mozilla or Microsoft Edge web browser.


This course discusses legislative code and the impact of regulations, policy, and ethics on acquisitions processes.

The planning stage is explained in this course, including purchasing authority, classifications, approvals, market research and the statement of work.  


Once a purchase has been justified, classified, funded and approved, the buyer selects the correct approach and method to make the acquisition happen. This is the focus of BAC 3.

"When building a competitive bid solicitation, what must a buyer consider?" "How do we go about it?" and "What do we include?" are the sort of questions answered in this course.

This course describes what executing the contract means for both the vendor and the state. We also address steps and activities that must occur after contract award.

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Special Notice!

Due to health concerns and recent requirements, CalPCA's scheduled in-classroom courses are canceled. When we can confidently present in-person courses again in a safe environment for all, we will re-schedule.

Our webinar courses take place as scheduled, and enrollment is still open.

Our online user-paced courses are also still available and offer continuous learning opportunities for state buyers.

Enroll for scheduled webinars and user-paced courses through CalPCA Online by clicking the link on this page.

Thank you for your patience and understanding in this interesting time. Together, we will get through this.

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