Taking an examination (exam) is part of the selection process across state service. Exams consist of various testing methods and are described on the exam bulletin under “Examination Information." Find information on our exams below.

Clicking on the exam title will lead you to the exam bulletin.

Exams Administered by DGS

Exams administered by DGS with “continuous” filing are scored as needed. Applications postmarked, personally delivered, or received via interoffice mail after the cut-off date will be held for the next scoring period.

Bookbinder I/II
Final Filing Date: Continuous
Application Cut-off Date: 2/28/2020
Status: Accepting applications

Bookbinder IV
Final Filing Date: 6/30/2020
Status: Accepting Applications

Direct Construction Supervisor I/II
Final Filing Date: Continuous
Application Cut-off Date: 7/1/2020
Status: Accepting applications

Presiding Administrative Law Judge
Final Filing Date: Continuous
Application Cut-off Date: Annually, the fourth Friday in April
Status: Accepting applications

Printing Plant Machinist
Final Filing Date: Continuous
Status: Accepting applications

Printing Trades Specialist Trainee
Final Filing Date: Continuous
Application Cut-off Date: 5/8/2020
Status: Accepting applications

Staff Services Analyst Transfer Exam
Application Cut-off Date: Monthly - refer to the bulletin
Status: Accepting applications

Online Exams

Testing is done online and can be taken at any time. You will receive exam results immediately.

Accountant I (Specialist)

Accountant Trainee

Accounting Administrator I (Specialist)

Accounting Administrator I (Supervisor)

Accounting Administrator II

Administrative Assistant II

Administrative Law Judge I, OAH

Associate Architect

Associate Governmental Program Analyst

Associate Management Auditor

Associate Real Estate Officer

Associate Space Planner


Attorney III

Attorney IV

Auditor I

Capital Outlay Program Manager

Carpenter I

Construction Inspector II

Construction Supervisor I

Construction Supervisor II

Construction Supervisor III


District Structural Engineer

Electrician II

Electrician Supervisor

Environmental Scientist

Executive Secretary I

Executive Assistant

Fire and Life Safety Officer I (Division of State Architect Series)

Fire and Life Safety Officer II (Division of State Architect Series)

Information Officer I

Information Officer II

Information Technology Associate

Information Technology Manager I

Information Technology Manager II

Information Technology Specialist I

Information Technology Specialist II

Information Technology Specialist III

Information Technology Supervisor I

Information Technology Supervisor II

Labor Relations Analyst

Labor Relations Manager I

Labor Relations Specialist

Legal Support Supervisor I

Materials and Stores Specialist

Materials and Stores Supervisor

Mechanical Engineer

Office Technician (General)

Office Technician (Typing)

Personnel Specialist

Project Director I

Project Director II

Project Director III

Real Estate Officer

Research Data Analyst I

Research Data Analyst II

Research Data Manager

Research Data Specialist I

Research Data Specialist II

Research Data Specialist III

Research Data Supervisor I

Research Data Supervisor II


Senior Architect

Senior Electrical Engineer

Senior Estimator of Building Construction

Senior Legal Typist

Senior Mechanical Engineer

Senior Real Estate Officer (Specialist)

Senior Structural Engineer

Space Planner

Special Investigator

Staff Space Planner

Staff Real Estate Officer

Staff Services Analyst

Staff Services Manager I

Staff Services Manager II (Managerial)

Staff Services Manager II (Supervisory)

Staff Services Manager III

Staff Space Planner

Warehouse Manager I

Warehouse Manager II

Self-Scheduling Exams

Test dates are posted as needs warrant. Please check the bulletin periodically for open testing.

Electrician I


Maintenance Mechanic

Plumber I

Program Technician II

Program Technician III

Stationary Engineer

Warehouse Worker


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