Career Executive Assignments (CEAs) are high-level managerial positions primarily responsible for policy implementation and extensive participation in policy evolvement. These positions have continuous, direct interface with department directors, and in their respective departments, are considered the Director’s top management team.

CEA Job Announcement

CEA job announcements are posted on CalCareers for a minimum of ten business days and are referred to as “examinations” due to the nature of the application process, as the CEA application package is commonly used as the basis for the CEA examination.

Who Can Apply for a CEA?

CEA examinations are open to all applicants who possess the knowledge, skills and abilities as well as any other desirable qualifications as described in the job announcement. Someone who is interested in a CEA position does not have to have previous civil service experience.

How Do You Apply for a CEA?

Interested individuals may apply to CEA vacancies either electronically through CalCareers or via mail. Qualified persons must complete and submit a State Application (STD 678) along with any other documentation requested in the job announcement. A hard-copy application may be submitted; however, to take full advantage of CalCareers, we recommend that candidates create a CalCareers account, where they will be able to manage, submit, and track job applications electronically.

CEA Examination

Departments are required to conduct a competitive examination as described in California Code of Regulations, title 2, section 548.40. DGS’ CEA examination may include, but is not limited to, an assessment of the candidate’s State Application (STD 678) and an evaluation of writing samples and their statement of qualifications (SOQ).

Statement of Qualifications

Each CEA job announcement contains evaluation criteria which outline the desirable qualifications for the position. A SOQ is a narrative of how an applicant’s education, training, experience, and skills meet the evaluation criteria and desirable qualifications for the CEA position.

Desirable qualifications and specific requirements for the SOQ can be found on the job announcement. View helpful tips on how to complete a SOQ.

*Please note that a resume will not be accepted in lieu of a SOQ.

CEA Selection Process

Once the exam has been administered, the department divides the successful candidates into six ranks based upon their scores. Hiring interviews for the position may be conducted with the most qualified candidates.


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