The self-service portal is tailored to meet customer requirements based on the billing type (payment method): Direct Transfer or Non-Direct Transfer.

To set-up a User ID and Password to access the self-service portal, please e-mail

Billing Type (Payment Method):

Direct Transfer billing applies to state agencies paying invoices via the State Controller’s Office’s (SCO) Direct Transfer process.  State agencies will be able to view and/or download Direct Transfer invoices billed to them within the last 3 months.  To assist state agencies with their reporting and reconciliation, Direct Transfer invoices can be viewed 2 ways: 1) by SCO Journal Number and 2) by Customer Account Number (CAN).

To access the portal to view Electronic Fund Transfers and Invoices, please click on the following link: Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT) and Invoices

Non-Direct Transfer billing applies to state agencies, individuals, groups, or organizations using a payment method such as check, credit card, or wire transfer to pay their invoices. All outstanding invoices will be accessible to view and/or download online by Customer Account Number (CAN) until DGS receives the corresponding payment.

To access the portal to view outstanding invoices, please click on the following link: Open Invoices

To access the portal to view Architecture Revolving Fund (ARF), please click on the following link:
Architecture Revolving Fund (ARF)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

For technical issues, including:

  • Unable to view and print invoices
  • Experiencing web errors
  • Unable to print Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT)/Adjustment notice
  • Unable to open invoices that are printable
  • Unable to query customer account by Customer Account Number (CAN) or by name
  • Page can not be displayed

Please contact our web support at OFS-Help.

Note: When viewing the report for the first time, a "Security Warning" will show up asking if you want to install and run "Crystal Report ActiveX Viewer Control". Check the box "Always trust content from Business Objects Americas" then click "Yes".

Prepare a DGS EFT Adjustment Request (AFS-EFT-001) form to adjust the charges to the correct State Controller's Office (SCO) account within your agency. Please provide a valid SCO account to be adjusted for the DGS charges. If applicable, reference the original Journal Entry number and/or invoice number.

NOTE: The total credit amount must be equal the total debit amount.

If the office is within the same agency and both offices approve the adjustment, you may submit the EFT Adjustment Request (AFS-EFT-001) form to DGS. 

Note: The EFT Adjustment does not allow adjusting the charges between agencies (or different organization codes).

Click on the EFT Adjustment Request (AFS-EFT-001) form, which can also be found in the Forms page. The form can be completed online, then downloaded or printed. Make sure the form is signed by authorized personnel before submitting to DGS.

If you are adjusting the DGS EFT Journal Entry with the prefix of GS, please send it to:

Mailing Address

Department of General Services 
SRF Fiscal Services
Attn: EFT Desk 
707 Third St., 10th floor 
West Sacramento, CA 95605 
MS: Z-01 


(916) 376-5165 or (916) 376-5166

Please do not send the DGS EFT Adjustment Request (AFS-EFT-001) form directly to the State Controllers Office (SCO) as this may cause delays in processing.

If DGS billed your agency by EFT Journal Entry through the State Controller's Office (SCO), and the invoices do not belong to your agency, the EFT Adjustment Request (AFS-EFT-001) form cannot be used to have these invoices credited. All disputed invoices and credit requests must be directed to the originating DGS Office. The contact phone number is printed on the invoice, or the phone number is available on our web site under the Invoice Transaction Types.


DGS Accounting and Financial Services

Office of Fiscal Services
Department of General Services

707 Third St., 10th Floor
West Sacramento, CA 95605