Office of Fiscal Services

OFS plans, coordinates, and directs all accounting, budgeting, and fiscal reporting activities for the Department of General Services (DGS). On a fee-for-service basis, OFS performs these financial activities for state agencies.

Sections Within OFS

Contracted Fiscal Services (CFS) provides accounting and budgeting services to contracted state entities and includes the following functions:

Processes client agencies’ invoices, travel expense claims, and Office Revolving Fund requests for payment. Maintains accounting records of all payment transactions and direct transfers.

Distributes Office Revolving Fund checks and warrants to appropriate payee. Picks up employee payroll from State Controller’s Office (SCO) and distribute to client agencies.

Prepares and/or records invoices for amounts due from individuals or entities to client agencies. Assists with the collection function for the client agencies.

Cash Management
Receives, deposits, and remits funds. Records all receipt of funds in agency's accounting records. Manages flow of funds, including receipt and disbursements.

Accounting and Reporting
Analyzes and posts accounting entries, completes reconciliations, and provides financial reports to client agencies. Assists existing clients with FI$Cal implementation. Provides guidance and sound financial advice to client agencies.

Bond Accounting
Provides accounting and reporting services related to lease revenue bonds. Collects rental payments from state agencies to ensure timely payment of debt services. Calculates and records gain or loss on bond refunding. Provides auditing assistance for year-end financial reporting.

Budgets and Planning Services (B&PS) provides budgeting services including: preparation of the governor’s budget, monthly fiscal health reports, and fund condition statements. 

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DGS Accounting and Financial Services is responsible for a variety of accounting duties for DGS and consists of two programs: Service Revolving Fund (SRF) and Capital Outlay Accounting (COA). 

Our mission is to maintain the integrity of DGS financial data, and embrace the belief that we are successful when our clients are successful.

SRF and COA are made up of four main components:

SRF processes all the invoices and travel expense claims for the Service Revolving Fund and various special funds.COA processes all invoices for Capital Outlay projects funded from the Architecture Revolving Fund (ARF).

Distributes payroll for DGS and the various boards and commissions, deposits and records cash receipts, and prepares and distributes checks and claim schedules.

Prepares and distributes invoice billings and performs the payment collection function for DGS.

Accounting and Reports
Maintains the accounting records and prepares quarterly and year-end financial statements, prepares the monthly income and expense statements, and acts as account representatives to DGS offices.

Budgets and Planning Services (B&PS) is responsible for centralized budgeting services for DGS and contracted client agencies. This includes preparation of a budget for DGS and 21 client agencies for inclusion in the Governor's Budget. B&PS is also responsible for the Price Book which is available online.

Our mission is to provide quality budgetary planning and financial analysis that assists our clients in meeting their mission and goals.

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Office of Fiscal Services

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