The CAN is required to bill customers for goods/services provided by DGS.

Existing CANs can be found within the OFS self-service portal. To access the portal, please click on the following link: Customer Account Number (CAN)

If a CAN does not exist, a completed Customer Account Number (CAN) Request (DGS OFS 2019) form, must be submitted to

To set-up a User ID and Password to access the self-service portal, please e-mail

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

For technical issues, including:

  • Unable to view and print invoices
  • Experiencing web errors
  • Unable to print Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT)/Adjustment notice
  • Unable to open invoices that are printable
  • Unable to query customer account by Customer Account Number (CAN) or by name
  • Page can not be displayed.

Please contact our support at OFS-Help.

Note: When viewing the report for the first time, a "Security Warning" will show up asking if you want to install and run "Crystal Report ActiveX Viewer Control". Check the box "Always trust content from Business Objects Americas" then click "Yes".

Go to the Customer Account Number (CAN) portal. Your USERID is canuser, PASSWORD is ofs, click submit. Click query by customer's name, then type agency name or click query by account number, then type CAN number.
There are several options available for DGS customers to check for existing Billing Codes either by CAN, customer name, description, or address.  A wildcard can be used when using customer name, description, or address to search for existing billing codes.  For example: If looking for Department of General Services, you can search by using the wildcard before and after the word "General"-  ie: %General% and click "Submit"; this will generate a list of active CAN number(s) with your search criteria.
No. Each CAN links to one SCO account.  You may set up a different CAN (for example for special projects paid by another appropriation) and link this to the appropriate SCO account. Use the Customer Account Number Request (DGS OFS 2019) form, formerly known as the AFS-94A, to request a new CAN to be set up.


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