Travel Bulletin #16-04 announces the extension of discount airfare contracts between the State of California and the following airlines:

  • Alaska Airlines
  • Delta
  • JetBlue
  • Southwest Airlines
  • United Airlines
  • Virgin America

These discount airfares are authorized for use by employees of state departments, universities, local governments, and K-12 public school districts for travel on official government or school business. Contracts are available for two discount categories: Preferred Carriers and individual City-Pairs. Contracted airfares will be used by all state departments in accordance with the guidelines listed in the Usage Requirements section of this Travel Bulletin. Departments may impose more restrictive travel rules as determined by their operational need. Reference your individual departmental travel policy for specific limitations and guidelines. 


Statewide Travel Program

Department of General Services
Office of Fleet and Asset Management

707 Third Street
West Sacramento, CA 95605

STP Help Desk:  (916) 376-3974



To make a reservation or change an existing reservation, please call the CalTravelStore at 916-376-3989 or 1-877-454-8785.

If you need assistance with setting up a Concur profile, please contact your department's Travel Coordinator.