About the Statewide Travel Program:

The Statewide Travel Program assists government travelers' needs by obtaining the most economical rates and fares available through the use of contracted travel-related services, including airline, commercial car rental, travel payment system and travel management services. By leveraging the state's total travel spend, the state gains the advantage of the best pricing model available.  In addition, DGS captures the entire state volume for benchmark reporting, transparency, efficiency, and to leverage the travel industry for consolidated reduced rates and fares for government travelers.  The program is also extended to the following government entities: cities, counties, special districts, California state universities, California community colleges, K-12 public school districts. To participate in the program and benefit from the contracted travel-related services, you must be enrolled in the program.\

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Statewide Travel Program

Department of General Services

707 Third Street, 6th Floor
West Sacramento, California 95605

STP Help Desk: 916-376-3974

Email: StatewideTravelProgram@dgs.ca.gov

To make a reservation or change an existing reservation, please call the CalTravelStore at 916-376-3989 or 1-877-454-8785