Requests for records may be oral or in writing; however, DGS encourages written requests to assist the department in providing accurate, complete and timely responses. Inquiries for DGS should be emailed to the Office of Public Affairs at for OAH should be emailed to

Each division within DGS has a designated public records officer. Requests for public records can also be directed to the designated public records officer for the division holding the records. See the list of public records officers below.

Records exempt:

Records are open to public inspection at all times during normal working hours. Every person has the right to inspect any record except those exempt from disclosure by statute or other authority. (See, e.g., Gov. Code § 6254 et seq.) Where portions of a record are exempt, DGS will produce the non-exempt portions.


Copies of records not exempt from disclosure will be provided upon pre-payment of copying costs. The fee for copies is 10 cents per page. 

Request Public Records

Office of Public Affairs

Department of General Services

707 3rd Street, 8th Floor
West Sacramento, CA 95605

(916) 376-5037