(Revised: 06/2014)

Policy: Each state entity shall safeguard access to information assets by managing the identities of users and devices and controlling access to resources and data bases on a need to know basis throughout the identity lifecycle. Each state entity shall establish processes and procedures to ensure:

  1. Maintenance of user identities, including both provisioning and de-provisioning;
  2. Enforcement of password policies or more advanced multifactor mechanisms to authenticate users and devices;
  3. Management of access control rules, limiting access to the minimum necessary to complete defined responsibilities;
  4. Separation of duties to avoid functional conflicts;
  5. Periodic recertification of access control rules to identify those that are no longer needed or provide overly broad clearance;
  6. Use of privileged accounts that can bypass security are restricted and audited;
  7. Systems to administer access based on roles are defined and installed; and
  8. Encryption keys and system security certificates are effectively generated, exchanged, stored and safeguarded.

Implementation Controls:  NIST SP 800-53: System and Information Integrity (SI)


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