(Revised: 12/2013)

Policy:  SAM Chapter 5300 shall apply to the following:

  1. All state entities unless otherwise specifically exempted by law or state policy.
  2. All categories of automated and paper information, including, but not limited to, records, files, and databases.
  3. Information technology facilities, software, and equipment, including personal computer systems owned or leased by state entities.

For the purposes of this Chapter, the term “state entity” shall denote a State of California agency, department, office, board, bureau, or other distinct governmental organization in the executive branch. Where a requirement, obligation, or responsibility is assigned to a state entity, the state entity head shall accept or delegate that requirement to an individual or individuals fully qualified to effectively ensure compliance with the requirement, and ensure the obligation and responsibility is met. Ultimately, the state entity head shall be responsible for policy compliance.


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