(Revised: 03/2021)


This policy permits the use of electronic signatures (hereafter “e-Signatures” or e-Sign) in conducting state procurement operations.


The Department of General Services Procurement Division permits the use of e-Signatures on all contract documents.

E-Signatures: State agencies may accept e-Signatures from all parties as legally binding and equivalent to handwritten signatures to signify an agreement. Each type of e-Signature will include the date the document was signed. Where state or federal laws, regulations, or rules require a handwritten signature, that requirement is met if the document contains an e-signature unless otherwise prohibited by policies, laws or regulations.  


This policy applies to all transactions governed by the State Contracting Manual (all volumes) and/or conducted by the Department of General Services (DGS) Procurement Division. This policy enables state agency staff to conduct many transactions electronically, to accept e-signatures by other parties, and to sign agreements on the agency’s behalf by using an e-signature. This policy does not waive or modify any requirement or limitation as to which officers and employees are authorized to bind their agency to a contract.

History of Approvals and Corrections Required: A chain of approval demonstrates a history of approvals for the electronic document. If corrections are necessary, an email with the requisite “I approve the attached revised document [specify document name, number of other specific document ID]” is needed.

Electronic approvals made through FI$Cal meet the approval chain requirements.

For Electronic Signature, Electronic Transaction and Electronic Records Management for State Forms please refer to SAM 1734.

For Terms and Definitions related to Electronic Signatures please refer to SAM 1710.

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