(Reviewed: 06/2014)
  1. State Departments–Authorized Signatures
    1. Authority to sign purchase documents is limited to those executive officers who either have statutory authority or have been duly authorized in writing by one who has statutory authority.
    2. Anyone who signs a purchase document should have knowledge in the procurement laws, policies, and procedures pertaining to the goods or services being procured. If an individual with signature authority does not possess sufficient procurement knowledge and expertise, the individual should, prior to signing, have the purchase document reviewed by someone who possesses such knowledge and expertise.
    3. Delegation of signature authority is a selective process and should be commensurate with experience with principles of sound contracting and procurement policies, demonstrated familiarity with the process of purchase document formation, execution, and administration, and completion of applicable training and/or certifications.
    4. Each executive officer who has statutory authority to sign purchase documents shall ensure that his/her agency maintains a current written record of agency employees authorized to enter into and sign purchase documents on behalf of that agency.This written record shall be subject to DGS audit.
    5. State Board’s and Commission’s purchase documents in excess of $5,000 must be accompanied by a copy of the resolution approving the execution of the purchase document, unless by statute the executive officer may sign the purchase document.
  2. Local Governmental Entities–Authority
    1. Purchase documents to be signed by a county, city, district or other local public body must be authorized by a resolution, order, motion or ordinance for the purchase document. A copy of the authorization should be sent to DGS/OLS with the purchase document.
    2. Where performance by the local governmental entity will be complete prior to any payment by the state a resolution is not needed.Such instances are usually one-time events such as a room rental.


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