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Classification: Information Technology Supervisor II

Salary Range: $7,593 - $10,174 per Month

Position Summary:Oversees the technical staff responsible for the administration, maintenance, monitoring and security of the IT network and VoIP infrastructure.

  • Plans, directs, and coordinates the work of professional staff by reviewing, approving, and monitoring network and VoIP operations utilizing project management, communication, negotiation, and leadership skills in order to be in accordance with statewide IT governance laws, policies, and guidelines to ensure strategic goals and project requirements and objectives are met.
  • Supervises the work of staff involved in network and VoIP operations and support including but not limited to: Cisco, Meraki, Brocade, Avaya, Palo Alto, lnfoblox and Citrix NetScaler; in order to manage the delivery of enterprise-level network and VoIP infrastructure services to the department to ensure support to customers throughout DGS.
  • Supervises, directs, develops, and reviews the work of subordinate staff by communicating unit goals and objectives, establishing performance expectations, inputting, reviewing and approving/ denying time-sheets, managing staff requests for time off, maintaining adequate staffing, providing direction and information on human resource processes, and developing timely performance evaluations and training plans, in order to provide opportunities for training, promote upward mobility, provide guidance on personnel performance issues, to ensure equal employment opportunities and a harassment and discrimination-free work environment, utilizing Project Accounting and Leave, applicable bargaining unit contract provisions, the Personnel Operations Manual, DGS policies, procedures and guidelines, State Personnel Board and California Department Human Resources' laws, rules and regulations.
  • Provides expert guidance and oversight of the most difficult incident resolution by identifying and addressing technical issues and guiding the Network & VoIP Services staff in processing change requests in order to provide root cause analysis and lessons learned resulting in more efficient incident resolution to ensure compliance with departmental and office procedures.
  • Manages software and hardware procurements by collaborating with the Administration Unit on software and hardware purchases and renewals for technology used in the administration of the department's network and VoIP infrastructure in order to provide sound recommendations to management for the procurement of future technology to ensure support of the department's strategic goals utilizing issue papers, options analysis, and statements of work.
  • Attends educational workshops, networks with other IT personnel and vendors by participating in information technology organization forums in order to maintain knowledge of industry trends and practices and to ensure enhancement of technical knowledge in subordinate staff through training.

Final Filing Date: October 21, 2021

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Classification: Information Technology Specialist I

Salary Range: $5,815 - $9,408 per Month

Position Summary: Serves as the project and technical lead on complex Geographic Informations Systems (GIS), working independently as a technical specialist in all areas of the software development life cycle by performing complex analysis of business requests, reports, geospatial databases, and configuration of desktop and web-based GIS software.

  • Develops, implements, and maintains custom desktop and/or web-based GIS software solutions, analyzing geographical data utilizing development best practices and technologies such as ArcGIS, Python, Javascript, and HTML in order to present data analytics in a visual map representation for DGS programs and external departments, and to ensure management is informed in decision making related to asset locations for emergency and non-emergency planning, meeting state mandated guidelines.
  •  Performs complex data management procedures for GIS applications while managing, publishing, and administering map services utilizing SQL and Oracle databases by applying database and information security principles as they relate to geospatial data and available GIS tools, utilizing mapping technology based solutions in order to assist in the acquisition of future technologies to ensure data integrity, security, and availability for DGS programs and external departments.
  • Facilitates cross-functional working sessions with business stakeholders and ETS technical teams by coordinating meetings and presentations with executives and staff, in order to produce comprehensive, gap-free, technical system deliverables utilizing Microsoft applications and appropriate communication, to ensure projects are within timeframe. 
  • Leads peer reviews for reporting and database solutions by monitoring and controlling project scope, schedule, risk, and budget utilizing project management principles, best practices, and tools such as Office 365, Excel, Visio and MS Projects, developing user guides for GIS tools and services for all GIS projects and application usage, in order to provide high-quality, standardized solution and development efforts for customers, and to ensure sustainability and project deliverables in a timely manner. 
  • Defines, documents, and evaluates GIS software standards and requirements for security, accessibility, usability, and performance by following industry standards utilizing tools such as Office 365, Excel, Visio, PowerPoint and MS Projects, in order to provide options and recommendations, and to ensure all mandated requirements are met. 

Final Filing Date: October 27, 2021

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Classification: Project Management Supervisor

Salary Range: $7,593 – 10,174 per Month

Position Summary: Offers subject matter mastery, and recruits, develops, and manages the information security staff responsible for security governance, risk and compliance functions utilizing approved tools.

  • Plans, directs, and coordinates the work of project management staff responsible for organizing and managing IT projects throughout the various phases by supervising all Project Approval Lifecycle deliverables utilizing SharePoint Online, One Plan, and Microsoft Office, in order to produce quality project deliverables/outputs (Project Management Plans, subordinate plans, schedules, and reports) that adhere to industry standards, principles, methods, and techniques, and to ensure successful delivery of project objectives in accordance with applicable laws, rules, regulations, policies, standards, or procedures that align with the California Department of Technology's (CDT) Project Management Framework.
  • Confirms project managers are delivering comprehensive and viable IT solutions by overseeing project risks, managing scope, tracking progress against baselines, identifying, communicating, and mitigating problems, and monitoring and controlling project deliveries utilizing project management principles and method applications in order to adhere to predefined schedule and budget, and determining corrective actions needed to address deviations impacting schedule, cost, scope, or quality of project to ensure the highest quality system is delivered into production.
  • Oversees project managers with various business units by collaborating with senior management and units, defining project scope, developing budget and schedule estimates, prioritize work effort and developing new customer initiatives for DGS' various lines of business utilizing SharePoint Online, One Plan, and Microsoft Office, in order to identify business issues or opportunities for the customer, to ensure timely completion ot projects that meet organizational objectives and CDT project management requirements.
  • Develops and implements policies, processes, procedures, and templates by working with the Project Management Team in order to leverage a consistent set of project management best practices for the team to follow, maintain, and update, utilizing a central repository designed to provide clear and transparent information for all DGS employees, and to ensure alignment with both industry standards and state policy.
  • Supervises, directs, develops, and reviews the work of subordinate staff by communicating unit goals and objectives, establishing performance expectations, inputting, reviewing and approving/ denying timesheets, managing staff requests for time off, maintaining adequate staffing, providing direction and information on OHR processes, and developing timely performance evaluations and training plans, in order to provide opportunities for training, promote upward mobility, provide guidance on personnel performance issues, to ensure equal employment opportunities and a harassment and discrimination-free work environment, utilizing Project Accounting and Leave, applicable bargaining unit contract provisions, the Personnel Operations Manual, DGS policies, procedures and guidelines, State Personnel Board and California Department Human Resources’ laws, rules and regulations.
  • Participates in IT organization forums by attending educational workshops and utilizing networking channels with other IT personnel and vendors in order to maintain knowledge of industry trends and practices, while enhancing the technical knowledge of subordinate staff through training, and to ensure the sustainability of ETS and Project Management Unit.

Final Filing Date: October 29, 2021

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         IT Associate ($4,406 - $7,096 per Month)

         IT Specialist I ($5,815 - $9,408 per Month)

         IT Specialist II ($7,700 - $10,318 per Month)

         IT Specialist III ($8,488 - $11,375 per Month)

         IT Supervisor II ($7,593 - $10,174 per Month)

         IT Manager I ($8,381 - $11,231 per Month)

         IT Manager II ($10,167 - $12,359 per Month)

    • In CalCareers, click on "My Account" on the top navigation bar.
    • Click on "Application Templates (STD678)" on the left navigation bar.
    • Click "Create New Template" and answer all required questions.
    • Tips:
      • If you passed the exam, select "List Eligibility"
      • ETS headquarters are located in Yolo County
      • The "Duties Performed" section for each employment record should be accurate and complete. Putting "See Resume" is highly discouraged.
    • Once your template is complete, you will be able to select it when starting a new job application. For each job application, you will be able to "Choose/Upload"  any required supporting documents like your Resume, Statement of Qualifications, Supplemental Questionnaire, Transcripts, etc.
    • Current or Recent Job Posts for ETS are listed above. 
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    • Jobs are only posted for a limited time, so check back often!
    • The job post will contain important details and should be reviewed entirely.
    • Click the link provided to view the Duty Statement.
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    • Click “Apply Now” at the top of the job post to begin your application.
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  • Telework offered for most positions!
  • Full Healthcare for you and your dependents
  • Immediately start accruing 14 hours per month of Sick and Vacation, increasing over time based on years of state service. After 25 years, 24 hours are accrued monthly.
  • State of California Retirement Plan! Learn more at
  • Employee Assistance Program offered at no charge which provides support and information during difficult times, as well as consultation on day-to-day concerns

About ETS Services

Manages DGS’ Active Directory by providing authentication and authorization to DGS information and resources, and providing support for Microsoft Office365. Manages virus scanning solutions and Nessus vulnerability management solutions, and monitors enterprise Security Incident and Event Monitoring solutions to secure the DGS computing environment.
Builds and supports web applications on more than 150 different systems using advanced technologies such as AWS, Azure, DevOps, Rapid Application Development, and more. Builds web apps with multichannel platform independent technologies, in both custom application development and industry standard Software as a Service (SaaS) technologies. The majority of new application development efforts are written using Microsoft-based technologies, as well as other related platforms like SiteCore, SharePoint Online, and Power BI.
Consults with business partners to analyze and stay current on their IT related business needs. Collaborates throughout the Systems Development Life Cycle (SDLC) from initial project concept through the project’s release to production. Utilizes various technologies including Adobe XD, Azure DevOps, and others to help manage, monitor, and provide excellent customer service and project analysis.
Designs, builds, and manages cloud infrastructure solutions on public and private cloud platforms through technologies from VMware, AWS, Azure, DellEMC, and HP. These solutions encompass virtualization of compute, networks, storage and backups across the multi-cloud enterprise and leverage efficiencies in resource management, operations, and automation to provide robust infrastructure to support State government systems.
As technology evolves, the ability to share sensitive data becomes easier and it presents real risks to information confidentiality. To mitigate these risks, privacy specialists carefully craft privacy policies and implement infrastructure controls to protect the data and information assets of their organization. 
Builds, configures and patches desktops, laptops, and tablet computers utilizing technologies such as ServiceNow, Windows Operating Systems, Microsoft SCCM, Windows PowerShell, Dameware, TeamViewer, Active Directory, and VMware Horizon.
Provides enterprise wide services to over 3,500 DGS employees Statewide and an additional 2,500 users in the private and public sector. Administers, manages and develops new Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions using a variety of enterprise cloud-based platform tools. Supports the ServiceNow core application, database, and workflow automation, plus developing custom workflow automation systems. Various technologies are utilized including SharePoint Online, FI$Cal, Power BI, Esri, Adobe Sign, ServiceNow, etc.
Partners with FI$Cal and DGS on all related business, financial and reporting needs. Collaborates throughout the Systems Development Life Cycle (SDLC) on FI$Cal strategic initiatives, enhancements, defects, while supporting technology integration points between the departments. Facilitates governance, new functionality, role mapping, reporting, dashboards, special projects, and other departmental and control activities for FI$Cal and DGS.
Information Security is one of the fastest growing fields today. Information security specialists are critical in combating cyber attackers. The cybersecurity culture is always shifting and expanding, which means continually learning and developing new skills and utilizing innovative technologies to develop solutions in securing and protecting the data and privacy of California information assets.
Supports the hardware and software for over 400 internetworked devices across 70 locations statewide for both wired and wireless networking. Supports our on-premises Avaya VoIP system and our Palo Alto Networks next generation firewalls which is our first line of defense on the front-facing edge of our network. ETS’ technical environment consists of a network infrastructure that includes Avaya, Brocade, and Cisco network switches.
Manages various innovative IT projects and solutions as ETS works to continuously modernize programs throughout DGS. Initiates new projects with a project charter to establish authority and high-level scope. Works with business and technology stakeholders to further refine business needs using standardized processes and materials to ensure projects stay on schedule and quality solutions are delivered.
Maintains, monitors and patches enterprise technologies such as Window and Linux Server environments using tools such as Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager and System Center Operations Manager. Maintains and monitors Microsoft SQL and Oracle cloud databases, and supports remote access solutions such as VMware Horizon Cloud and Microsoft Direct Access.
Performs software testing on a variety of DGS systems to ensure the highest level of application quality and customer satisfaction. Testers participate in both Waterfall and Agile methodologies and provide services for Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) and custom applications hosted locally or in the cloud. Works with business partners during user acceptance testing to ensure the final product meets their needs and is of high quality when delivered to production. Utilizes a variety of tools including Team Foundation Server (TFS), Selenium, WAVE, JAWS, NVDA, Dragon, ZoomText, SQL Server Management Studio, and Oracle SQL Developer.

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