The California Department of General Services (DGS) today announced the successful sale of the state’s Los Angeles Civic Center parcel. The approximately 1.9 acre surplus state property, located at 1st St. and Broadway, was sold to the City of Los Angeles for approximately $7.5 million. The Los Angeles City Board of Recreation and Parks plans to turn the property into a park, as it currently sits adjacent to “Grand Park” in Los Angeles across from City Hall.

“This property has sat idle for far too long, needlessly costing taxpayers for maintenance and security,” said DGS Director Fred Klass. “This sale raises revenue needed to eliminate state debt and provides the City of Los Angeles park space to be enjoyed for generations.”

Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa has been promoting his 50 Parks Initiative which launched last summer. The initiative takes underutilized properties, and turns them into neighborhood parks in areas that badly need them. Over the past seven years, almost 680 acres of park space has been added around the Los Angeles area. The Civic Center land will be added to that initiative.

“I am pleased that we have successfully purchased the lot on 1st St. and Broadway to remove blight and build more healthy public space in Downtown Los Angeles,” said Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa. “This land will become a spot that generations of Angelenos will be able to enjoy.”

In 2011, Governor Jerry Brown directed DGS to target any underutilized or surplus properties that could be sold to generate revenues to pay down state debt. Since that time, DGS has sold 12 properties, generating nearly $50 million in revenue for the state.

In 1976, the original 13 story state building on the parcel was demolished due to systemic damage suffered in the 1971 San Fernando earthquake. Since that time, the site was reserved as a possible location for future development of government office space, and for several years used as a parking facility. Eventually, the state established office space in the Junipero Serra and Ronald Reagan buildings in downtown Los Angeles.