Sacramento, CA – The State Allocation Board (SAB) announced today that it has awarded approximately $771.7 million for school construction projects throughout the state. These awards are a result of the voters’ approval of Proposition 51 in November 2016 that provided an additional $7 billion to the School Facility Program (SFP).

The SAB awarded approximately $771.7 million for 193 projects within 106 school districts statewide. The state matching funds for SFP projects are distributed to local school districts to help finance shovel-ready school construction projects or reimburse districts for projects already completed using local funds. State funding for SFP projects is provided by bonds authorized under Propositions 1A, 1D, 47, 55 and 51. The Office of Public School Construction will distribute the bond funds to eligible school districts within 90 days so local school construction projects can move forward as quickly as possible.

The SAB’s accelerated funding rules permit participating school districts with approved School Facility Program projects to submit advance certifications that they will meet requirements for fund release within 90 days of receiving an apportionment. These requirements include having local matching funds – usually 50 percent of the total project cost – in hand, and construction contracts in place for at least half of the work. School districts in financial hardship are able to apply for advance funding to purchase sites or begin design work.

The State Allocation Board is responsible for determining the allocation of voter-approved school construction bonds for the School Facility Program. The SAB is the policy-level body for programs administered by the Office of Public School Construction, which resides under the state of California’s Department of General Services. The Office of Public School Construction provides the staff and support for state financing of school facilities.


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