Sacramento – The Department of General Services Office of Public School Construction (OPSC) announces easy access to school facility funding information through the new California Open Data Portal. The portal provides funding history from 1998 to current program status, allowing for greater transparency on how over $35 billion in bond funds have been allocated to nearly 12,000 School Facilities Program (SFP) projects.


“Our goal was to promote transparency by publishing School Facility Program funding information to school districts, legislative members, and interested stakeholders,” said Lisa Silverman, Executive Officer, Office of Public School Construction. “Providing easy access to the data further promotes accountability for bond funds.”

SFP funding is derived from Proposition 1A (1998), Proposition 47 (2002), Proposition 55 (2004), Proposition 1D (2006), and Proposition 51 (2016). The data set documents the allocation of funding for all projects that received an apportionment. The files can be downloaded to facilitate research, and the portal has the capability for an application programming interface to allow users to create custom applications to link to data. OPSC will update the data approximately once per month. Access OPSC’s Open Data Portal here.


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