Today, the state of California is being recognized by the White House for their leadership in accelerating the adoption of zero-emission vehicles (ZEVs). The commitment comes as part of California’s region-wide clean energy agreements to improve air quality and reduce greenhouse gas emissions on the West Coast.

“Under the leadership of Governor Edmund G. Brown Jr., California is leading by example to increase our government fleet of zero-emission vehicles to reduce carbon emissions at the state level,” said California Department of General Services Director Daniel C. Kim. “We’re also accelerating installation of electric vehicle charging stations across both the public and private sector.”

California joined other West Coast states and cities and a growing list of private fleets committed to increasing adoption of ZEVs as a way to accelerate a low-carbon economy and infrastructure through the Pacific Coast Collaborative (PCC). In tandem, West Coast Electric Fleets, a joint initiative of the PCC, announced the launch of a new partnership tier for the increasing commitments made by its public and private partner fleets: the Diamond Lane. This partnership tier is for fleets making a commitment at the highest level, with ZEVs comprising more than 10 percent of their fleet purchases.

West Coast Electric Fleets partner fleets in California made the following commitments to scale up ZEV adoption: 

  • State of California – committed to 50 percent ZEVs for all light duty replacement vehicle procurement by 2025 and expanding the state’s vehicle charging station infrastructure to at least 5 percent percent of workplace parking spaces at state facilities
  • City of Los Angeles – committed to 80 percent ZEVs for all light-duty vehicle purchases by 2025
  • City of San Francisco – committed to at least 10 percent ZEVs for all light-duty vehicle purchases

West Coast Electric Fleets serves as a peer network, helping fleet managers and owners meet their ambitious goals for fleet electrification by sharing best practices for their adoption. Today’s commitments are a move by the public sector to lead by example, and help accelerate the broader market for ZEVs through purchasing vehicles and investing in charging infrastructure.

West Coast fleets also joining the Obama Administration in committing to ambitious fleet adoption goals were:

  • Monterey County, CA
  • Sonoma County, CA
  • San Mateo County, CA
  • Sacramento Municipal Utility District (CA)
  • City of Portland
  • Washington State
  • City of Seattle