Each state agency is granted purchasing authority to a specific Tier. Purchasing Authority Approval Tiers 1 through 4 displays purchasing authority dollar thresholds by goods/services category and acquisition methods. Non-Accredited state agency purchasing authority information are available upon request.

Purchasing Authority Approval Tiers

Tier 1

Tier 2

Tier 3

Tier 4

Administrative Law, Office of  For a copy email PAMS@dgs.ca.gov
African-American Museum Tier 2
Aging, Commission on Tier 2
Aging, Department of  Tier 2
Agricultural Labor Relations Board Tier 2
Air Resources Board Tier 3
Alcoholic Beverage Control Appeals Board Tier 1
Alcoholic Beverage Control, Department of  Tier 2
Alternative Energy & Advanced Transportation Financing Authority, California - see Treasurer, State
Arts Council, California Tier 2

Baldwin Hills Conservancy - see Parks & Recreation, Department of
Board of State and Community Corrections Tier 2
Business and Economic Development, Governor's Office of (GO-Biz) Tier 2
Business, Consumer Services, & Housing Agency  For a copy email PAMS@dgs.ca.gov

Cannabis Control Appeals Panel – Tier 1
Child Support Services, Department of  Tier 2
Children & Families Commission  For a copy email PAMS@dgs.ca.gov
Citizens Compensation Commission, California - see Human Resources, Department of
Coachella Valley Mountains Conservancy - see Parks & Recreation, Department of 
Coastal Commission, California Tier 2
Coastal Conservancy, State  Tier 2
Colorado River Board Tier 2
Community Services & Development, Department of  For a copy email PAMS@dgs.ca.gov
Conservation Corps, California Tier 2
Conservation, Department of  Tier 2
Consumer Affairs, Department of Tier 2
Controller, Office of – Tier 3
Correctional Health Care Services, California  For a copy email PAMS@dgs.ca.gov
Corrections & Rehabilitation, Department of  Tier 3

Data Center MRA Customer Departments - see Technology, Department of
Debt & Investment Advisory Board, California - see Treasurer, State
Debt Limit Allocation Committee - see Treasurer, State
Delta Protection Commission - see State Lands Commission
Delta Stewardship Council – Tier 2
Developmental Disabilities, State Council on - see Social Services, Department of
Developmental Services, Department of – Tier 3
Disability Access, Commission on - see General Services, Department of 

Education Audit Appeals Panel Tier 2
Education Facilities Authority - see Treasurer, State
Education, Department of – Tier 3
Emergency Services, Governor's Office of – Tier 3
Emergency Medical Services Authority  – For a copy email PAMS@dgs.ca.gov
Employment Development, Department of – For a copy email PAMS@dgs.ca.gov
Energy Commission, California – For a copy email PAMS@dgs.ca.gov
Environmental Health Hazard Assessment, Office of – Tier 2
Environmental Protection Agency - see Air Resources Board
Exposition & State Fair – For a copy email PAMS@dgs.ca.gov

Fair Employment & Housing, Department of Tier 2
Fair Political Practices Commission – For a copy email PAMS@dgs.ca.gov
Finance, Department of – Tier 2
Financial Information System for California - FI$Cal – Tier 3
Financial Protection and Innovation, Department of Tier 2
Fish & Game Commission - see Fish and Wildlife, Department of
Fish & Wildlife, Department of Tier 2
Food & Agriculture, Department of – Tier 3
Forestry & Fire Protection, Department of – Tier 3
Franchise Tax Board – For a copy email PAMS@dgs.ca.gov

Gambling Control Commission Tier 2
General Services, Department of Tier 2
Government Operations Agency Tier 2

Health & Human Services Agency – Tier 3
Health Care Services, Department of Tier 2
Health Facilities Financing Authority - see Treasurer, State
High-Speed Rail Authority Tier 2
Highway Patrol, California – Tier 3
Horse Racing Board – Tier 2
Housing & Community Development, Department of – For a copy email PAMS@dgs.ca.gov
Human Resources, Department of – Tier 2

Independent Living Council, State – Tier 1
Industrial Development Financing Advisory, Commission on - see Treasurer, State
Industrial Relations, Department of – Tier 3
Inspector General, Office of Tier 2
Insurance, Department of – For a copy email PAMS@dgs.ca.gov

Justice, Department of – For a copy email PAMS@dgs.ca.gov

Labor & Workforce Development Agency - see Employment Development Department
Lands Commission, State Tier 2
Law Revision Commission – Tier 1
Library, California State – For a copy email PAMS@dgs.ca.gov
Lieutenant Governor, Office of - Tier 1 (non-IT only), see Technology, Department of (IT)

Managed Health Care, Department of – Tier 2
Mandates, Commission on State Tier 2
Mental Health, Department of - see State Hospitals, Department of 
Military Department, Office of the Adjutant General – For a copy email PAMS@dgs.ca.gov
Motor Vehicles, Department of – Tier 3

Native American Heritage Commission - see State Lands Commission
Natural Resources Agency – Tier 2

Parks & Recreation, Department of Tier 2
Peace Officer Standards & Training, Commission on Tier 2
Personnel Board, State - See Human Resources, Department of 
Pesticide Regulation, Department of – Tier 2
Pilot Commissioners, Board of - see Highway Patrol, California
Planning & Research, Governor's Office of Tier 2
Pollution Control Financing Authority - see Treasurer, State 
Public Defender, State Tier 2
Public Employment Relations Board – Tier 2
Public Health, Department of Tier 2
Public Utilities Commission, State of California – For a copy email PAMS@dgs.ca.gov

Rehabilitation, Department of Tier 2
Resources, Recycling and Recovery, Department of Tier 2
Rivers & Mountains Conservancy – For a copy email PAMS@dgs.ca.gov
Real Estate, Department of Tier 2

Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta Conservancy - Tier 1
San Diego River Conservancy – Tier 2
San Francisco Bay Conservation & Development Commission  Tier 2
San Joaquin River Conservancy - see Parks & Recreation, Department of
Scholarshare Investment Board - see Treasurer, State
School Finance Authority, California - see Treasurer, State
Science Center, California Tier 2
Secretary of State  Tier 3
Senior Legislature, California  For a copy email PAMS@dgs.ca.gov
Sierra Nevada Conservancy  For a copy email PAMS@dgs.ca.gov
Social Services, Department of  For a copy email PAMS@dgs.ca.gov
State Hospitals, Department of   For a copy email PAMS@dgs.ca.gov
Statewide Health Planning & Development, Office of  For a copy email PAMS@dgs.ca.gov
Student Aid Commission, California Tier 2
Summer School for the Arts  For a copy email PAMS@dgs.ca.gov

Tahoe Conservancy, California Tier 2
Tax Appeals, Office of Tier 2
Tax Credit Allocation Committee, California - see Treasurer, State 
Tax and Fee Administration, California Department of – For a copy email PAMS@dgs.ca.gov
Teacher Credentialing, Commission on Tier 2
Technology, Department of – Tier 4
Toxic Substances Control, Department of – Tier 2
Transportation Agency, California State – For a copy email PAMS@dgs.ca.gov
Transportation Commission, California Tier 2
Transportation Financing Authority - see Treasurer, State
Transportation, Department of – Tier 3
Treasurer, State – For a copy email PAMS@dgs.ca.gov

Urban Waterfront Area Restoration Financing Authority - see Treasurer, State

Veterans Affairs, Department of – Tier 3
Victims Compensation Board – For a copy email PAMS@dgs.ca.gov

Water Resources Control Board, State Tier 2
Water Resources, Department of – Tier 3
Wildlife Conservation - see Fish & Game, Department of
Workforce Investment Board - see Employment Development Department 


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