The organizations listed below are Reciprocity Partners with the state of California. A Reciprocity Partner is a city, county, agency, or special district that honors the state of California’s Small Business (SB) and/or Disabled Veteran Business Enterprise (DVBE) certification as acceptance into their individual business enterprise programs.

Some Reciprocity Partners may also have specific local eligibility requirements that certified businesses must also meet. You may visit each partner’s website for more information on their individual programs.

These Reciprocity Partnerships allow SBs and DVBEs to go through a single certification process so their certification is valid with the state of California and the participating organization.

We continue to build more partnerships with cities, counties and special districts.

If you are a city, county or special district and are interested in becoming a Reciprocity Partner, contact us.

If you are a business owner interested in becoming a California certified SB or DVBE, go here.

If you are a business owner interested in pursuing contract opportunities with a Reciprocity Partner listed below, contact them directly.

Northern California Region

Organization Accepted Certifications
Yuba County SB
University of California, Merced SB/DVBE


Organization Accepted Certifications

University of California Procurement Systemwide



Office of Small Business and DVBE Services
Department of General Services

707 Third Street
West Sacramento, CA 95605