Deputy Director & Chief Counsel

Jennifer Bollinger   (916) 376-5085

Assistant Chief Counsel

Chian He (916) 639-9190

Anna Woodrow  (916) 376-5099


Viana Barbu (916) 376-5078

Natalie Bocanegra (916) 376-5109 

Patrick Doust (916) 376-5129

Ephraim Egan (916) 376-5103

Marina Feehan (916) 376-5107

Laurie Giberson (916) 376-5111 

Rick Goldberg (916) 376-5108 

Bryan Kimura (916) 376-5106 

Nicole Lorek-Robles (916) 376-5112

Michelle Marzahn (916) 376-5115

Daniel Rios (916) 376-5079

Bianca Rodriguez (916) 376-1095

Kamran Qazi (916) 376-5122

Froilan Zuno (916) 376-1090

Special Investigator

Mario Alvarado (916) 443-9936

Legal Analyst

Patricia Galvan (916) 376-5098

Administrative Assistant

Kimberly Scruggs (916) 376-5092

Intellectual Property Analyst


Legal Support Supervisor

Teresa Sousa (916) 376-5091

Support Staff

Beverly Brown (916) 376-5094 

Susan Burns (916) 376-5096

Christina Meinke  (916) 376-3870

Julie Ison    (916) 376-1064


DGS Offices/Divisions

Commission on Disability Access (CCDA) - Kamran Quazi

Enterprise Technology Solutions - Marina Feehan

Executive Office - Laurie Giberson

Facilities Management Division (FMD) - Daniel Rios 

FMD Direct Construction Unit - Daniel Rios

Office of Administrative Hearings - Patrick Doust / Chian He

Office of Audit Services - Laurie Giberson

Office of Business & Acquisitions Services

General Contract Review and Advice - Laurie Giberson

  Public Works - Daniel Rios

Office of Enterprise Development - Laurie Giberson 

Office of Equal Employment Opportunity - Michelle Marzahn

Office of Fiscal Services - Laurie Giberson

Office of Fleet & Asset Management - Marina Feehan

Office of Human Resources - Michelle Marzahn

Office of Legal Services - Laurie Giberson 

Office of Public Schools Construction - Ephraim Egan

Office of Risk & Insurance Management 

Contract Review and Advice - Natalie Bocanegra

Litigation Advice - Michelle Marzhan

  Natural Gas Services - Bryan Kimura

Office of Small Business & Disabled Veterans Business Enterprise Services - Froilan Zuno 

Office of State Publishing - Kamran Qazi / Anna Woodrow

Office of Sustainability - Bryan Kimura

Procurement Division - Patrick Doust

Real Estate Services Division (RESD)

RESD Asset Management Branch (AMB)

  Portfolio Management Section - Bryan Kimura

Real Estate Leasing and Planning Section (RELPS) - Viana Barbu

  Real Property Services Section (RPSS) - Viana Barbu

State Owned Leasing and Development (SOLD) - Viana Barbu

Surplus Real Property - Bryan Kimura

RESD Construction Inspection and Management Branch (CIMB) - Daniel Rios

RESD Project Management & Development Branch (PMDB)

  Architecture and Engineering - Daniel Rios

Energy Matters (Utilities) - Viana Barbu

Environmental Services (Seismic and Special Programs) - Daniel Rios

  Project Management (Design and Construction) - Daniel Rios

 State Architect, Division of - Froilan Zuno




Administrative Law, Office of (OAL) - Patrick Doust / Viana Barbu

Afro-American Museum - Patrick Doust / Natalie Bocanegra

Aging, Dept. of - Bianca Rodriguez / Viana Barbu

Aging, Commission on - Bianca Rodriguez / Viana Barbu

Agricultural Labor Relations Board - Dan Rios

Air Resources Board (ARB) - Bianca Rodriguez / Viana Barbu

Alcohol & Drug Programs - Daniel Rios

Alcoholic Beverage Control - Dan Rios

Arts Council - Patrick Doust / Natalie Bocanegra



Baldwin Hills Conservancy - Bryan Kimura

Boating and Waterways - Bryan Kimura

Building Standards Commission (CBSC) - Viana Barbu

Bureau of Automotive Repair (BAR) - Bianca Rodriguez / Viana Barbu

Business and Consumer Services Agency - Ephraim Egan

Business and Economic Development (GoBiz) - Patrick Doust / Bryan Kimura

Business Oversight, Dept. of - Ephraim Egan



CA Exposition & State Fair - Dan Rios

CA Conservation Corps - Bianca Rodriguez / Dan Rios

Central Valley Flood Protection Board (formerly Reclamation Board) - Marina Feehan

Child Support Services, Dept. of (DCSS) - Ephraim Egan

Children and Family Commission (First Five)  - Viana Barbu

Citizen's Redistricting Commission - Laurie Giberson

Coachella Valley Mountains Conservancy - Bryan Kimura

Coastal Commission - Bryan Kimura

Coastal Conservancy - Bryan Kimura

Colorado River Board - Bryan Kimura

Community Services and Development - Viana Barbu

Conservation, Dept. of - Bianca Rodriguez / Viana Barbu

Consumer Affairs, Dept. of (DCA) - Michelle Marzahn

Related Boards and Bureaus:

Accountancy, Board of

Acupuncture Board

Arbitration Certification Program

Architects Board, California

Athletic Commission of California

Automotive Repair, Bureau of

Barbering and Cosmetology, Board of

Behavioral Sciences, Board of

Cannabis Control, Bureau of

Cemetery and Funeral Bureau

Chiropractic Examiners, Board of

Contractors State License Board

Court Reporters Board

Dental Board of California

Dental Hygiene Board of California

Engineers, Land Surveyors, and Geologists, Board for Professional

Household Goods and Services, Bureau of

Landscape Architects Technical Committee

Medical Board of California

Naturopathic Medicine Committee

Occupational Therapy, California Board of

Optometry, Board of

Osteopathic Medical Board of California

Pharmacy, Board of

Physical Therapy Board of California

Physician Assistant Board

Podiatric Medical Board of California

Private Postsecondary Education, Bureau for

Private Postsecondary Education, Bureau for (Office of Student Assistance and Relief)

Professional Fiduciaries Bureau

Psychology, Board of

Real Estate Appraisers, Bureau of

Registered Nursing, Board of

Respiratory Care Board

Security and Investigative Services, Bureau of

Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology and Hearing Aid Dispensers Board

Structural Pest Control Board

Veterinary Medical Board

Vocational Nursing and Psychiatric Technicians, Board of

Controller's Office - Natalie Bocanegra

Related Boards:

CA Secure Choice Retirement Savings Investment Board

Correctional Peace Officer Standards & Training - Marina Feehan

Corrections & Rehabilitation (CDCR), Dept. Of - Ephraim Egan


Delta Protection Commission - Bryan Kimura

Delta Stewardship Council (DSC) - Bryan Kimura

Developmental Disabilities Area Boards - Bryan Kimura

Developmental Disabilities, CA Council (CCDA) - Patrick Doust / Natalie Bocanegra

Developmental Services, Dept. of (DDS) - Bryan Kimura



Education, Dept. of (CDE) - Viana Barbu

Education Audit Appeals Panel - Viana Barbu

Emergency Medical Services Authority (EMSA) - Patrick Doust / Natalie Bocanegra

Emergency Services, Office of (OES) -Patrick Doust / Bryan Kimura

Employment Development Department (EDD) - Natalie Bocanegra

Energy Resource Conservation and Development Commission - Patrick Doust / Natalie Bocanegra

Environmental Health Hazard Assessment - Dan Rios

Environmental Protection Agency (CalEPA) - Dan Rios

Equalization, Board of (BOE) - Bianca Rodriguez / Bryan Kimura

Exposition and Park Management Patrick Doust / Natalie Bocanegra

Exposition and State Fair - Daniel Rios



Fair Employment and Housing, Dept. (DFEH) - Natalie Bocanegra

Fair Political Practices Commission (FPPC) - Patrick Doust / Bryan Kimura

Fairs And Expositions - Daniel Rios

Finance, Dept. of (DOF) - Ephraim Egan

Financial Information System for California (Fi$Cal) - Bryan Kimura

Fish And Wildlife, Dept. of  - Laurie Giberson

Food and Agriculture, Dept. of (CDFA) - Bianca Rodriguez / Bryan Kimura

Forestry & Fire Protection, Dept. of (CalFire)  - Bryan Kimura

Forest Hill Budget Letter (Multi-Agency Submissions) - Bryan Kimura

Franchise Tax Board (FTB) - Patrick Doust / Bryan Kimura


Gambling Control, Bureau of - Froilan Zuno

Gambling Control Commission - Froilan Zuno

Government Operations Agency (GovOps) Patrick Doust / Bryan Kimura

Governor's Office - Patrick Doust / Bryan Kimura


Health & Human Services Agency, Dept. of (DHHS) - Bryan Kimura

Health Care Services, Dept. of (DHCS) - Natalie Bocanegra

High Speed Rail Authority (HSR) - Bryan Kimura

Highway Patrol (CHP) - Bryan Kimura

Horse Racing Board - Dan Rios

Housing & Community Development (HCD) -  Bryan Kimura

Human Resources, California Dept. of (CalHR) - Natalie Bocanegra


Industrial Relations, Dept. of (DIR) - Michelle Marzahn

Inspector General, Office (OIG) - Patrick Doust / Viana Barbu

Insurance, Dept. of - Dan Rios


Justice, Dept. of (DOJ) - Natalie Bocanegra


Lands Commission - Bryan Kimura 

Library - Dan Rios

Little Hoover Commission - Patrick Doust / Viana Barbu

Lt. Governor's Office - Patrick Doust / Viana Barbu


Managed Health Care, Dept. of (DMHC)  - Natalie Bocanegra

Military, Dept. of  - Dan Rios

Motor Vehicles, Dept. of (DMV) - Kamran Qazi / Laurie Giberson


Native American Heritage Commission - Bryan Kimura

Natural Resources Agency - Bryan Kimura




Parks and Recreation, Dept. of  - Bianca Rodriguez / Laurie Giberson

Peace Officer Standards & Training Commission (POST) - Marina Feehan

Personnel Board - Bryan Kimura

Pesticide Regulation - Daniel Rios

Pilot Commissioners - Bryan Kimura

Planning & Research, Office of (OPR) - Patrick Doust / Bryan Kimura

Postsecondary Education Commission - Michelle Marzahn

Public Defender's Office - Bryan Kimura

Public Employee Post Employment Benefits - Daniel Rios

Public Employment Relations Board - Bryan Kimura

Public Health, Dept. of (DPH) - Ephraim Egan

Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) - Patrick Doust / Natalie Bocanegra



Real Estate, Dept. of (DRE) - Michelle Marzahn

Reclamation Board - (See Central Valley Flood Protection Board)

Rehabilitation, Dept. of (DOR)
 - Kamran Qazi / Dan Rios

Resources Recycling and Recovery, Dept. of (CalRecycle) 
- Froilan Zuno


Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta Conservancy - Bryan Kimura

San Diego River Conservancy - Bryan Kimura

San Francisco Bay Conservation - Bryan Kimura

San Joaquin River Conservancy - Bryan Kimura

Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy - Bryan Kimura

Science Center, California - Patrick Doust / Natalie Bocanegra

Secretary of State (SOS) - Michelle Marzahn

Senior Legislature, California - Bianca Rodriguez / Viana Barbu

Service & Volunteerism, Governor's Office - Daniel Rios

Sierra Nevada Conservancy - Bryan Kimura

Social Services, Dept. of (DSS) - Natalie Bocanegra

State Hospitals, Dept. of (DSH) - Ephraim Egan

State Lands Commission - Bryan Kimura

State Treasurer's Office (STO) - Natalie Bocanegra

Related Boards, Authorities and Commissions:

California ABLE Act Board (CalABLE)

California Alternative Energy and Advanced Transportation Financing Authority  (CAEATFA)

California Debt and Investment Advisory Commission (CDIAC)

California Debt Limit Allocation Committee  (CDLAC)

California Educational Facilities Authority   (CEFA)

California Health Facilities Financing Authority  (CHFFA)

California Pollution Control Financing Authority  (CPCFA)

CalSavers Retirement Savings Board (CalSavers)

California School Finance Authority  (CSFA)

California Tax Credit Allocation Committee  (CTCAC)

ScholarShare investment Board  (SIB)

Statewide Health Planning and Development (OSHPD) - Bianca Rodriguez / Laurie Giberson

Status of Women, Commission on - Laurie Giberson

Student Aid Commission - Patrick Doust / Viana Barbu

Summer School For Arts - Laurie Giberson

Systems Integration - Bryan Kimura



Tahoe Conservancy - Bryan Kimura

Tax Appeals - Ephraim Egan

Tax and Fee Administration, Dept. of  - Ephraim Egan

Teachers Credentialing Commission - Froilan Zuno

Technology, Dept. of - Patrick Doust / Viana Barbu

Toxic Substance Control, Dept. of (DTSC) - Michelle Marzahn

Traffic Safety, Office of - Laurie Giberson

Transportation Agency - Laurie Giberson

Transportation, Dept. of (CalTrans) - Laurie Giberson

Transportation Commission - Laurie Giberson


Urban Waterfront Areas - Bryan Kimura


Veteran Affairs, Dept. (CalVet) - Kamran Qazi / Laurie Giberson

Victim Compensation Board (CalVCB) - Patrick Doust / Dan Rios

Volunteers Commission, California - Patrick Doust / Bryan Kimura


Water Resources, Dept. of (DWR)  - Viana Barbu

Water Resources Control Board (SWRCB) - Viana Barbu


Main Office

Department of General Services
Office of Legal Services

707 3rd Street, Suite 7-330, MS-102
West Sacramento, CA 95605
Phone:  (916) 376-5080



Patricia Galvan, Protest Coordinator

Phone: (916) 376-5098

Electronic Service of Process

Effective April 10, 2020 the Department of General Services, Office of Legal Services is accepting electronic service of process.  For questions please contact Patricia Galvan at (916) 376-5098.