Jury Duty is a citizen’s civic responsibility and is subject to collective bargaining. Refer to the employee’s appropriate bargaining unit agreement for additional information.

Supervisors must temporarily adjust an employee’s work schedule, if other than Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., until the employee is released from Jury Duty. Supervisors must provide a day shift work situation if the employee is not on Jury Duty for the full day. Employees will not lose shift differentials while serving Jury Duty.

California courts instruct government employee jurors to complete a Fee Waiver form if they receive their regular compensation while serving Jury Duty. State employees receiving their regular salary while serving Jury Duty are ineligible to receive court fees. However, they may receive mileage or meal reimbursement fees.


  1. Provide the following to your Attendance Clerk:
    • A copy of the notice to appear for jury duty
    • Daily attendance slips from the Jury Commissioners’ Office
  2. If fees were received for other than mileage or meals, also submit:
    • An “approved” copy of your PAL timesheet reflecting the time used for Jury Duty, and
    • A personal check or money order for Jury Duty fees less travel or meal expenses
  3. Post the time served under the alias “J”, for jury, on your Project and Accounting Leave (PAL) timesheet.

Attendance Clerk
If fees were received for other than mileage or meals:

  • Collect documents from the employee/juror;
  • Reject checks for travel expenses;
  • Enter the employee’s Agency and Unit Code on the PAL timesheet copy; and
  • Forward the package to the following address:

    Department of General Services
    Office of Fiscal Services Attention: Receivables Unit
    707 3rd Street, 10th Floor
    West Sacramento, CA 95605


Responsible Control Agency

  • California Department of Human Resources

Laws and Regulations

  • CA Code of Regulations 599.672
  • Government Code section 19991.3

Other Resource Materials


Personnel Transactions Unit

Department of General Services
Office of Human Resources

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West Sacramento, CA 95605
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