The names of employees laid off or demoted instead of being laid off are placed in seniority order on the reemployment list for the class of layoff and/or for every class they demoted through.

An employee's name may be placed on up to three different reemployment lists for each class:

  1. Departmental reemployment list for the department conducting the layoff.
  2. Subdivisional reemployment list if the layoff was restricted to a limited geographic area within the department.

    Note: Departmental and subdivisional reemployment lists are both rule of one and apply only to the department that conducted the layoff, which means the most senior person on the list must be hired if the department that held the layoff uses an eligible list to refill a position in the class.
  3. General reemployment list if an employee is laid off from a department specific class in which the chance of reemployment is virtually nonexistent, the employee may be added to a list for a similar class.

    Note: General reemployment lists are rule of three ranks and must be used by all State departments when filling a position by means of an eligible list. If there are less than three interested eligible candidates on a general reemployment list, a hiring department may add ranks from the next higher eligible list. Departments can only place the names of employees on general reemployment lists for classes in which the employee has status or through which the employee demoted in-lieu of layoff.

Employees' names remain on reemployment lists for five years.

The Classification & Pay Analyst:

  1. Makes determination whether or not an employee qualifies for placement on a reemployment list utilizing applicable government codes and Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) agreements.
  2. Completes the Establishing Reemployment List (CalHR-016) form.
  3. Ensures the transaction code on the employee’s PAR matches the entry for #7 on CalHR-016.
  4. Submits the CalHR-016 form to the SPB Certification Unit for final documentation and certification.


Responsible Control Agencies

  • California Department of Human Resources
  • State Personnel Board

Laws and Regulations

  • CalHR Rule 152, 153, 322
  • Government Code section 18903-18906, 18532.1, 19054, 19056, 19062, 19171, 19253.5, 19775.5, 19785, 19997.11, 19997.2