When employees exhaust all leave credits, future approved absences are unpaid and posted as dock on their timesheets.

Informal leaves of absence without pay, may not exceed 11 working days in a 22 day pay period, 10 working days in a 21 day pay period, or 11 consecutive working days between pay periods. State holidays are counted as working days. Absences extending beyond these periods are considered a leave of absence.

The appointing power shall not break the continuity of unpaid absences by granting a paid absence.

Supervisors must report and approve dock by the cutoff dates on the PAL calendar. To ensure dock is reflected on the master payroll, a Report of Absence Without Pay (Std. 603) should be processed by Attendance Clerks in time for monthly/semi-monthly cutoff.

Std. 603 processed after the master payroll warrants have been released will not issue payments until the previous warrant has been returned/redeposited.

Departments are responsible for losses resulting from release of erroneous warrants.

If an employee is on dock at cutoff and the return date is unknown, the employee should be shown on dock for the remainder of the pay period. This will ensure the employee is paid on the regular pay date.

If employee returns to work before the end of the pay period, a supplemental Std. 603 should be processed by the Attendance Clerk to the Personnel Specialist the same day the employee returns to work.


Responsible Control Agency

  • California Department of Human Resources

Laws and Regulations

  • CalHR Rule 599.785
  • State Administrative Manual section 8776.7

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