Abolishing obsolete civil service classifications is done in order to maintain the classification system.

Periodically, the State Personnel Board (SPB) may establish new classes, divide, combine, alter, or abolish existing classes. When establishing, altering, or abolishing classes, SPB considers the recommendations of the California Department of Human Resources (CalHR).

SPB decides whether a position should reallocate to another class after reviewing the duties, responsibilities, qualifications, performance standards and other related criteria, and the status of the probationary and permanent employees potentially affected.

Classification & Pay (C&P) Analysts will provide programs with an opportunity to provide input on the continued use of the classifications. All feedback will be considered and incorporated into the Department’s response to CalHR.

C&P Analysts should determine if there are Temporary Authorization Utilization (TAU) or Limited Term (LT) employees in these classes and if these employees can be otherwise accommodated.

DGS may simultaneously submit a “board item” to CalHR and SPB to abolish unnecessary department specific classifications. Upon SPB approval, CalHR issues a Pay Letter notifying departments of the changes and actions to take. These classes are also identified in the CalHR Pay Scales with the Footnote 24. New appointments into these classifications on or after the date of the SPB action are prohibited as SPB/CalHR cannot abolish classifications with incumbents.

CalHR undergoes an annual class abolishment review using the State Controller’s Office list of classes vacant for the last 24 months. The classes identified are proposed for abolishment and departments are surveyed for their input. CalHR submits a Board Item requesting SPB abolish the identified classes and when approved, CalHR issues a Pay Letter informing departments of the action.


Responsible Control Agency

  • California Department of Human Resources
  • State Personnel Board

Laws and Regulations

  • Government Code section 18802

Other Resource Materials

  • CalHR Pay Scales footnote 24
  • Classification and Pay Guide section 100, 106, 130
  • Personnel Management Policy and Procedures Manual section 100.5, 100.10


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