OFAM's Fleet Fast Facts Pamphlet is convenient resource for all state vehicle drivers.

  • Driving a state vehicle with exempt or undercover license plates does not mean a driver is exempt from complying with all highway, road, toll bridge and toll road, meter, red light and other driving laws and rules.
  • Drivers are responsible for paying any tolls for bridges and roads when using them. Submit a travel expense claim to employer for reimbursement.
  • Do not pass through toll bridges or toll roads without paying.If a driver does not pay, DGS will report the violation to the employer and the driver will be responsible for paying the violation fee and any additional late fees. Late fees cannot be reimbursed through the travel expense claim process.
  • Ensure ongoing vehicle repair and maintenance.
  • Comply with smog inspections when notified.
  • Maintain a vehicle mileage log in the vehicle.
  • Use the Voyager Fuel Card only for authorized purchases.
  • Maintain cleanliness of the vehicle.
  • Drivers are not responsible for any financial responsibility for driving a state vehicle or for providing automobile insurance.
  • National Automobile Club (800) 600-6065.
  • No charge to state drivers in state vehicles.
  • Must provide 15-digit Voyager card number.
  • Use only for state vehicles and state business.
  • May not be used for any personal purchases including food, tobacco, beverages, lottery tickets, etc.
  • Use only regular unleaded gasoline, diesel, E-85, or the grade specified on the fuel tank.
  • Only two basic low-cost car washes per month are allowed.
  • Use at over 10,000 locations throughout California. Go to US Bank Voyager Acceptance Locator to search locations.
  • Use at pump card reader or inside the retail location.
  • Maintenance and repairs are prohibited except in emergency situations when necessary to get the driver safely home or to the business location. Please see “Maintenance and Repairs.”
  • Unauthorized transactions, including suspected misuse and/or fraud, are subject to investigation and may result in disciplinary action.
  • Know the assigned PIN and the odometer reading before purchasing fuel.
  • Swipe at the pump if pump has fuel card reader. See attendant inside if there is no pump card reader.
  • If prompted to choose “Credit” or “Debit”, select “Credit.”
  • When prompted, enter the PIN and press “Enter.”
  • If required, enter the odometer reading as a whole number.
  • If unable to use the card at a pump reader, see the attendant inside for assistance.
  • If the attendant is unable to process the transaction, pay with cash, credit card, or debit card. Retain the receipt and submit a Travel Expense Claim for reimbursement from your department.
  • Contact OFAM at OFAMVoyagerCard@dgs.ca.gov for issues related to your OFAM Voyager card or to report an OFAM Voyager card as lost or stolen. Do NOT contact US Bank/Voyager directly.

Use the STD. 273 for daily miles traveled. Complete all required information.

  • Mileage entered after the fifth is subject to a $50 fine to be paid by the department. Ongoing late submittals will be reported to the driver's supervisor and may be subject to disciplinary action.

If a state vehicle is in need of repair or maintenance, the driver is responsible for taking the vehicle to any of the approved vendor. Use Approved Auto Repair Facilities Locator to search vendors at https://www.dgsapps.dgs.ca.gov/OFA/Approved_Auto_Rpr_Fac/

  • Drivers are not responsible for paying for any service or maintenance.
  • If a vendor gives a driver the invoice, email the invoice to DGSFleetInvoices@dgs.ca.gov .
  • Do not use the Voyager Fuel Card for repair or maintenance unless it is an emergency situation. P l e a s e s e e above: “Voyager Card Do’s and Don’ts.”
  • Repair or maintenance estimates totaling under $1,000 do not require a DGS vehicle inspection during the time period of September 2015 through February 2016.
  • Accident repair estimates that exceed $500 require quotes from (3) vendors or a justification to go with one vendor. The bids or justification shall be submitted to an Inspector with a copy of the Accident Report STD 270.

In the event of a stolen vehicle, drivers shall:

  • Immediately inform the Department’s Fleet Coordinator.
  • Report the vehicle as missing or stolen to the CHP.
  • Obtain a copy of a police report for your records.
  • If the vehicle is a DGS Lease, immediately inform the DGS Fleet Services Call Center and provide them with a copy of the police report at (855) 611-OFAM or FleetServices@dgs.ca.gov.

In the event a stolen vehicle is recovered, the driver shall:

  • Inform the Department’s Fleet Coordinator.
  • Take the vehicle to an approved vendor for a safety inspection prior to reassigning it to a driver.
  • Inform the CHP (and any other applicable authorities) that the vehicle has been recovered.
  • If the vehicle is a DGS Lease, inform the DGS Fleet Services Call Center at (855) 611-OFAM or FleetServices@dgs.ca.gov .
  • Obtain all information from the other driver including insurance, driver’s license number.
  • Take pictures of any damage to both vehicles if possible with mobile phone.
  • Do not admit fault or make statements that the state will pay for the other person’s vehicle damage.
  • Complete a STD 269 Accident Identification Card.
  • Complete a STD 270 Report of a Vehicle Accident within 48 hours of the accident date.
  • Call 911 if anyone at the accident scene is injured.
  • If the state driver is not injured, take pictures of any damage to both vehicles if possible with mobile phone.
  • Do not admit fault or make statements that the state will pay for the other person’s vehicle damage.
  • Complete a STD 269 Accident Identification Card.
  • Complete a STD 270 Report of a Vehicle Accident within 48 hours of the accident date and fax it to (916) 376-5277.
  • Report the accident immediately to the DGS Office of Risk and Insurance Management 24/7 at (916) 376-5300, (916) 376-5302 or at (800) 900-3634. Voicemail is available on evenings, weekends and state holidays.

DGS Fleet Services

Department of General Services
Office of Fleet and Asset Management

1700 National Drive
Sacramento, CA 95834

Phone: (855) 611-6326
Email: FleetServices@dgs.ca.gov


Beginning September 14, 2020, all questions and requests will need to be submitted through the new Fleet Operations Service Portal at https://dgs.service-now.com/ofamfs. Registration is required. All questions and concerns regarding registration can be directed to Eric Mayes at eric.mayes@dgs.ca.gov. Please include “Registration” in the subject line of your email, for a timely response.