The Office of Fleet and Asset Management (OFAM) lease passenger mobile equipment on a long-term (monthly) basis to state employees conducting official state business. Vehicles leased on a monthly basis require prior approval through a department’s Fleet Acquisition Plan (FAP). Leasing through OFAM allows state agencies to take advantage of OFAMs fleet management services which provide many benefits for state agencies.

These benefits include:

  • Repair and Maintenance Cost Savings – OFAM is responsible for the maintenance and repair costs on its leased vehicles. In addition, OFAM manages the payment processing and dispute resolution process for all vehicle maintenance and repair invoices.
  • Insurance Cost Savings – OFAM is responsible for all annual insurance costs for its leased vehicles.
  • Statewide Fuel Card Auditing – OFAM provides continuous monitoring and regular audits of fuel card transactions in order to minimize fraud and misuse, providing additional costs savings to leasing customers.
  • Smog and Preventative Maintenance Management – OFAM tracks every vehicle’s smog and preventative maintenance schedule and launches email campaigns to notify departments of when their leased vehicles are due for smog certification or regular preventative maintenance appointments.
  • Vehicle Lifecycle Management – OFAM is responsible for identifying leased vehicles that have met age or mileage replacement thresholds and adding those vehicles to its annual FAP. OFAM works with department fleet coordinators to identify replacement vehicles available on state contract, provide guidance through the FAP process, and ensure leased vehicles are meeting operational needs.
  • Vehicle Recall Notifications – OFAM notifies department fleet coordinators and drivers of current manufacturer recalls on leased vehicles so these issues can be addressed promptly and leased vehicles are safe to operate.
  • Department of Motor Vehicles Liaison - OFAM is responsible for processing license plates and registration and acts as the liaison with the Department of Motor Vehicles for any licensing or registration issues.
  • Tracking and Reporting – OFAM tracks all vehicle usage and uploads the data in to the FAMS database, taking care of FAMS reporting requirements.  In addition OFAM can provide various reports to department fleet coordinators; allowing department’s to leverage OFAM’s fleet reporting capabilities.
  • OFAM provides ongoing customer service and driver support for OFAM owned vehicles through the Fleet Services Call Center.  The Fleet Services Call Center staff are available Monday through Friday from 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., and are prepared to assist drivers in the field as well as departments with the following issues:Finding an approved vehicle service and repair vendor closest to the driver’s current location.Arranging for Emergency Roadside Service or a tow, if necessary. Arranging for a short term rental from Enterprise Car Rental, if necessary. Managing all parking violations, toll evasion notices and administrative citations received on its vehicles.


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For long-term vehicle leasing:

For Short-term Statewide Vehicle Leasing: contact your department's Travel Program Coordinator for your department's procedures for car rentals via Enterprise Rent-A-Car.


Beginning September 14, 2020, all questions and requests will need to be submitted through the new Fleet Operations Service Portal at Registration is required. All questions and concerns regarding registration can be directed to Keith Leech at include “Registration” in the subject line of your email, for a timely response.