The Division of the State Architect offers a monthly webinar series featuring local and national accessibility specialists who provide presentations on relevant topics concerning access provisions of the California Building Code (CBC) and federal accessibility standards for Certified Access Specialists (CASp), design professionals, and code enforcers.

Sessions are held on the third Wednesday of every month, from 11:30 am to 12:40 pm, unless otherwise noted. For CASps, one continuing education credit is offered for a minimum of one-hour attendance during the meeting time.

Join the discussion on Blackboard Collaborate web-conferencing system.


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Use the following Blackboard Collaborate link to access CCDG webinars:

Request for real-time captioning or other special accommodations should be directed to Jessica Axtman at (916) 324-8911 or by email at no later than 3 working days before the meeting date.


January 20 – Jim Terry AIA, CASp & Bill Hecker, Architect, Accessibility Consulting

  • Bill & Jim’s Most Excellent Code Discussion Adventure – An Open Q&A Session
  • CEU: 1 CASp (FED); 1 CAB

February 17 – Bill Botten of the Access Board

  • CEU: 1 CASp (FED); 1 CAB

March 17 – Cris Vaughan, CASp, ADAC, PA, Attorney at Law

  • ADA Litigation Update for the CASp
  • CEU: 1 CASp (FED); 1 CAB

April 21 – Janis Kent, FAIA

  • Stepping Thru – Vignette Series: Exceptions & Nuances in the ADA Standards & CBC
  • CEU: 1 CASp (FED); 1 CAB 


June 16 – Stoyan Bumbalov, CASp

July 21 – Susan Moe, DSA Senior Architect, CASp

August 18 – Jim Terry AIA, CASp, Evan Terry Associates

  • CEU: 1 CASp (FED); 1 CAB  

September 15 – Bill Hecker, AIA, Accessibility Consultant

  • Lesson Learned by an ADA Expert Witness over 25 Years
  • CEU: 1 CASp (FED)

October 20 – Kimberly Paarlberg, ICC Senior Staff Architect, Code Development Department 

  • General Overview of Updates to A117.1
  • CEU:1 CASp (FED); 1 CAB   

November 17 – Scott Windley, Access Board

  • CEU: 1 CASp (FED); 1 CAB  

December 15 – Derek Shaw, DSA Supervising Architect

  • Detectable Warnings
  • CEU: 1 CASp (CBC); 1 CAB

Registration is not required for participation in CCDG sessions. Please read the information in the BLACKBOARD COLLABORATE CONNECTION INFORMATION tab above for instructions on connection and for the meeting link; and review the SESSIONS tab for information on meeting dates, speakers, topics, and for availability of presentation slides.

For CASps, continuing education unit (CEU) credit is offered which may be applied toward their CASp certification renewal.  To obtain one CEU for each CCDG participation, a CASp must:

  • Include both their name and CASp certification number in their CCDG login name; and,
  • Be in attendance for a minimum of one hour during the meeting time of 11:30 am to 12:40 pm.


DSA does not provide certificate of attendance for CCDG participation and it is the CASp’s responsibility to retain record of continuing education attendance. The web-conferencing system used for CCDG, Blackboard Collaborate, uses the login names to track attendance and DSA retains this record in the event verification is required by the CASp Program.

Continuing education units for CCDG sessions are issued according to the coursework content: Regulatory updates to accessibility provisions of the CBC, designated as (CBC); and, federal accessibility regulations, standards, and guidelines, designated as (FED). Each CCDG session will include the CEU value of either (CBC) or (FED). When completing your CASp certification renewal application, list CCDG webinars with (CBC) designation under “California Building Code Continuing Education” and those with (FED) designation under “Federal Standards/Regulations Continuing Education and Equivalent Activity.”

Please refer to Section 136 Continuing Education in the CASp Program regulations for additional information.



January 15: (FED) John L. Wodath | Then, Now the ACT
February 19:  (FED) Bill Botten | Play Areas & Swimming Pools
March 18: (FED)

Cris Vaughan | What You Need to Know About Readily Achievable, Technically Infeasible and Structurally Impracticable

April 15: (FED) Jim Terry | Applying Seven ADA Concepts, Plus Rules for Furniture and Equipment
May 20: (FED) Scott Windley | Common Errors and Omissions
June 17:   No Meeting
July 15: (FED) Bill Hecker | LA Affordable Housing Accessibility Case: Top 5 Lessons Learned
August 19: (CBC) Sue Moe | Amendments to 2019 CBC 11B – Part One
September 6:  (CBC)  Sue Moe | Amendments to 2019 CBC 11B – Part Two 
October 21: (FED)  Scott Windley | ADAS: Chapter 6 Plumbing Elements & Facilities 
November 18:  (CBC)  Stoyan Bumbalov | Chapter 11A Important Details – Part One 
December 16:  (FED)  Minh N. Vu | Debunking Common Myths Held By Business Owners about the ADA and Helping Them Get to Accessibility 


January 15: (FED) Cris Vaughan | Q&A
February 20: (CBC) Sue Moe | 2019 11B Updates
March 20: (FED) Mike Gibbens | Readily Achievable Barrier Removal
Apil. 17:    No Meeting
May 15:  (FED) Cris Vaughan | Readily Achievable Barrier Removal Standards & Alteration of Existing Facilities
June 19: (FED) Scott Windley | ADAS
July  17: (FED) DSA | CASp Resources – Where to Find It
August 21:  (CBC) Derek Shaw | Chapter 11B California Amendments & Public-Rights of Way
September 18:  (CBC) Sue Moe | 11B Amendments in the 2019 Triennial Edition of the CBC
October 16: (CBC) No Meeting
November 20:  (FED) Jim Terry | Applying the ADA Concepts – Part One
December 18:  (CBC)  Sue Moe | 2019 Intervening Rulemaking Cycle


January 17: (CBC) DSA | General Accessibility Discussion 
February 21: (CBC) DSA | General Accessibility Discussion
March 21: (CBC) DSA | Reserved Sections in 11B
April 18: (CBC) DSA | Understanding Applicable Standards
May 16: (CBC) DSA | Required Clearances in Toilet Facilities
June 20:  (CBC) DSA | 2018 Triennial Code Adoption Cycle
July 18:  (CBC) DSA | 2018 Triennial Code Adoption Cycle, continued
August 15:  (CBC) DSA | Q&A
September 19: (CBC) DSA | 11B, Division 1: Application & Administration
October 17: (CBC) DSA | Q&A
November 21:  (FED) Scott Windley | Q&A
December  19: (FED) Jim Terry Kaylan Dunlap | Q&A

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