Ordinances Received for Filing

Choose the year for local amendments to building standards (also known as Local Building Codes or Ordinances) filed with California Building Standards Commission.

Ordinances on File

Stuart Tom and Mia Marvelli present local amendments of building standards.

Accessibility Guidance for Jurisdictions

CBSC highly recommends that jurisdiction staff obtain training in creating accessible documents to proactively meet the needs of constituents with disabilities now and in the future.

Follow the links below to learn more:

California Department of Rehabilitation (DOR) Accessibility Toolkit

DOR Document Accessibility Information

DOR Guides for Creating Accessible Documents

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Cities and counties—Send local ordinances (amendments to Title 24) to:

California Building Standards Commission

Ordinance Filing

2525 Natomas Park Drive, Suite 130

Sacramento, Ca 95833

Ordinance email 

REQUIREMENTS OF LAW:  State laws authorize local governments to enact ordinances making building standards amendments to the California Building Standards Code (Cal. Code of Regs., Title 24). The law includes specific requirements for the basis for a local amendment, how the amendment language and documents must be prepared, and how the amendment must be filed with either CBSC, the Department of Housing and Community Development or other state agencies as required. There are additional requirements for amendments by fire protection districts, and amendments relating to energy conservation.

Local jurisdictions are urged to consult CBSC's Guide for Local Amendments of Building Standards before pursuing amendments to Title 24 building standards.


View the 2019 Information Bulletin regarding local amendments:

Additionally, CBSC, in collaboration with the International Code Council, California Building Officials (CALBO), and Stuart Tom, Chief Building Official, City of Glendale, developed the following webinar on the code adoption process for local jurisdictions.

Please contact CBSC if you require ordinances related to past California Building Standards Code editions.