Tribal Consultation Policy

It is the policy of DGS to encourage and facilitate communication and consultation with tribes, and to seek meaningful input in the development of policies, rules, regulations, projects, plans and activities that may affect tribal communities. The goal is to engage in a timely and interactive process to respectfully seek, discuss and consider tribes’ views in an effort to resolve concerns at the earliest opportunity and in a manner that respects and furthers the interest of tribes and the state of California.

The DGS Consultation Policy broadly defines provisions for enhancing the consultation processes of DGS with tribes. This Consultation Policy shall complement, not supersede, any existing laws, rules, statutes or regulations that guide consultation processes with tribes. The DGS Consultation Policy shall not be construed to displace existing policies of the department.

View the DGS Tribal Consultation Policy.

Jordan Aquino
DGS Tribal Liaison
 (916) 376-5029