Career Development Resources

This site provides DGS employees with a wide realm of resources regarding career planning.

The resources below provide career guidance and the tools necessary to increase career growth opportunities and options to DGS employees at all organizational levels.

In the future we will offer Career Development training that will assess your skills and abilities, motivations, interests, values, temperament, experience, accomplishments, with various self-assessment testing tools accordingly, when deemed absolutely necessary to do so. Upon interpretation of your assessment results, we shall move forward with vocational exploration which will entail information on various employment opportunities within DGS, according to your career path.

Career development will enable you to develop skills to conduct your own research, networking, resume and cover letter writing, informational interviews with the various managers and employees within DGS, to gather information on prospective job opportunities. At that juncture, you would be able to gain knowledge in terms of the essential functions of the job, the actual job environment, and the day to day routine of the job itself.

We have included several links pertaining to career development to assist you with your job search program.

  • (For Information on California State Jobs)
  • (Contains Multiple Links to Career Planning and Job Exploration Tools/Resources)
  • (Contains Links to Job Openings, Training and Education Resources, Articles on Careers, and Career Planning)
  • (Contains Job Opening and Recruitment information)
  • (Contains Career Assessment Tools, Occupation Information, and Financial Planning Tools)
  • (Link to Bureau of Labor Statistics)
  • (Contains Job Opening Postings Nationwide)
  • (Geared Towards College Graduates, Contains Comprehensive Career Planning Tools and Job Search Info)
  • (Contains Extensive Job Searching Tools Nationwide)
  • (A "One-Stop" for detailed information on Careers, Salary, Benefits, Training and Education, Resume and Interviewing tips)