In April 2018, the Department of General Services (DGS) initiated an effort to implement an electronic signature (eSignature) process for acquisitions. This document provides a high-level outline on the approach for implementing the use for eSignatures within our department, including drafting of a departmental policy, evaluations of eSignature tools, defining roles and responsibilities, processes, procedures, and implementation of the selected tool. The effort included coordination with several internal offices such as forms management, information security, IT, and program subject matter experts. In addition, DGS collaborated with the State Controller’s Office to ensure success of the eSignature initiatives.


Implementation Approach

  1. Develop eSignature internal policy in accordance with Management Memo 18-03, SAM 1240, and SCM Vol. 1, 2, 3, & F.
  2. Create a roles and responsibility matrix.
  3. Gather business requirements and develop business process map and procedures (STD 213 Process Flow).
  4. Develop Security Procedures and coordinate review with SCO.
  5. Request approval for any STD form modifications or alternate form formats from the Forms Management Center (FMC) using the FMC 98 form.
  6. Select eSignature solution that fits business, security, legal and FMC requirements. Some options can be found on the CDT Vendor Subscription Site or the software licensing program (SLP).


DGS selected Intelledox as our eForm tool, and DocuSign as our eSignature tool. These tools work in collaboration with Service Now for the customer interface, as well as FI$Cal as the system of record. The following documents provide a high-level overview of how DGS automated the STD 213 contract process:
  1. Develop a customer information user guide.
  2. Create a user interface that produces a signed STD 213 contract.
  3. If your Department or Agency is interested in finding out more about how you can create a similar process, please contact the Statewide Forms Manager.

Statewide Forms Manager

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