Construction supervision and oversight to monitor contractor’s performance, and document and report on contract compliance issues by emails, daily reports, monthly reports, memorandums of concern, deficiency and exception notices. 

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Specialized Services

  • Essential Services/Schools
  • Quality Assurance
  • Contract Compliance
  • Code Compliance
  • Coordination

Constructability Review of design drawings and specifications during the working drawing phase, and submit comments to ensure projects are constructible as designed.


A&E Coordination During Construction with project design team to ensure and verify timely review of contractor submittals, inquiries (RFI’s), changes and other related activities.  Maintain logs of these items.


Conduct On-Site Construction Meetings to facilitate on-site meetings with contract participants by scheduling meetings and providing agendas and meeting minutes listing current status of contractor inquiries (RFI’s), submittals, change orders, memorandum of concerns, schedule and other construction contract related issues.


Pay Estimate Preparation and Processing by reviewing contractor’s schedule of values and provide comments and recommended corrections to the project manager, receive and review contractor’s monthly application for payment against schedule of values and progress schedules, determine percentage of contract work completed and payment owed to contractor.  Review and forward payment application with the above information, recommendations and corrections for approval and processing by project manager or client representative. 


Change Order Analysis & Negotiation to evaluate potential change orders for necessity and schedule impacts.  Determine basis of negotiation whether lump sum or Time and Material (T&M), assist with and confer with project administration team in negotiating cost of lump sum change orders, or monitor T&M work for expenditure of labor and material associated with that potential change order.


Document Control by processing, control, monitoring and reporting services of contract related documents, such as submittals, requests for information, change orders and proposed change orders, etc.  Prepare periodic status reports for use by project participants.

OSHPD verification and certification that all requirements within the jurisdiction and responsibility of the Office of Statewide Health Planning and Development for inspections are complied with according to the California Health and Safety Code. (IF APPLICABLE)


Essential Services/School verification and certification that all requirements within the jurisdiction and responsibility of the Department of General Services, Division of the State Architect for inspections are complied with according to the California Code of Regulations Title 24 and the Government Code. (IF APPLICABLE)


Quality Assurance verification that the quality of construction work performed meets the quality and performance requirements specified in the construction contract documents, and the completed work is code compliant and meets generally accepted industry standards. 


Contract Compliance verification the contract deliverables and the projects’ general requirements and defined timelines are complied with by the contractor and subcontractors. This includes things such as: temporary facilities and controls; deliverables such as submittals, contractor daily’s, etc..


Code Compliance - The following tasks and activities fall under code, regulatory and referenced standards compliance.  CIMB is the liaison with the outside enforcement agencies i.e. SFM and DSA Seismic Safety so they are aware of the project progress. We document and report construction or testing issues relative to their jurisdictional responsibilities, and coordinate interval and final inspections by each agency. 


Structural, Electrical, Mechanical and Access Compliance verification that all labor, materials and required procedures for installation of components are provided as required by construction documents and applicable codes and standards. 


Equipment Testing Observation to verify that all contract requirements for testing and certification of equipment have been performed and reported.


Assemble & Coordinate Closeout Documents to provide project closeout services including distribution of project operation and maintenance manuals (O&M); verification of record drawings; archiving project site records; spare parts, tools or materials and other closeout related items.


Storm Water Pollution Prevention, Air Quality, and Environmental monitoring and reporting on contractor(s) best management practices for storm water and air quality, or compliance with environmental mitigation measures.


Material Testing Coordination and monitoring material testing personnel in the testing and verification of all materials as required by the construction contract documents to assure quality of the project and compliance with applicable engineering and code requirements for testing.


Prepare Monthly Report summary of the project progress including narrative and graphic comparison of scheduled dates and actual dates of completion; a description of controlling activities; and a listing of projected activities, project participants, and key issues.


Prepare, Distribute and Maintain a Punch list for correction of all observed deficiencies and items for completion.  The list is kept updated and distributed to the contractor for action, and reports on status and readiness for final inspection to the project team. 


Certify Beneficial Use or Occupancy by verifying requirements of the contract documents have been sufficiently met to allow partial use and occupancy of the project, prior to final completion of the construction contract. (OPTIONAL)


Contract Completion Certification and establishing that completed construction is in compliance with the approve construction contract documents, and recommendation to the director or designee for acceptance and final payment of the construction contract.


Verify As-Built Drawings by periodically monitoring and documenting contractor’s preparation and maintenance of as-built drawings and records, review submitted contractor record drawings and indicate whether they appear to provide accurate representation of the actual construction as completed for the project.


Warranty/Guarantee Enforcement to provide assistance to the client in resolving warranty/guarantee items.  This includes evaluating the problem to determine the warranty coverage; contacting contractor(s) for service and response, review on-site with them, client representatives, architect or engineer as necessary; monitor and report on contractor(s) completion of repair and resolution of the issue. (OPTIONAL)


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Department of General Services
Construction Inspection and Management Branch

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