State departments not transacting in FI$Cal are to submit a STD 66 Purchase Estimate to Procurement Division's One-Time Acquisitions (OTA) Unit when the procurement purchase amount exceeds a department’s delegated purchasing authority.

How to Submit Purchase Estimate

  1. The form accommodates up to five line items per Purchase Estimate. If you have more than five line items, use Purchase Estimate Continuation Form (STD. 66A).
  2. Using the IT or Non-IT Preparation and Submission Checklist gather all applicable documents and approvals (e.g. descriptive information, supporting documents, specifications, etc.).
  3. For Non-IT Goods ONLY, complete the Procurement Details Worksheet.


One-Time Acquisitions

Department of General Services
Procurement Division

707 Third Street, Second Floor
West Sacramento, CA 95605


Phone: (916) 375-4400