State agencies transacting in FI$Cal are to submit a FI$Cal Requisition to Procurement Division's One-Time Acquisitions (OTA) Unit when the procurement purchase amount exceeds a department’s delegated purchasing authority.

How to Submit FI$Cal Requisition

  1. Using the IT or Non-IT Preparation and Submission Checklist gather all applicable documents and approvals (e.g. descriptive information, supporting documents, specifications, etc.).
  2. For Non-IT Goods ONLY, complete the Procurement Details Worksheet.

  3. Follow procedures “Create a Requisition to submit to DGS OTA”. Add an ad hoc approver (Kimberley Carey) into the Requisition approval path or your Requisition will not be received.


One-Time Acquisitions

Department of General Services
Procurement Division

707 Third Street, Second Floor
West Sacramento, CA 95605


Phone: (916) 375-4400