State agencies who want to purchase a product type other than what is available through the mandatory IT Hardware Statewide contracts can submit an exemption request. In these instances, the department must obtain an exemption from the use of the contract from the Department of General Services, Procurement Division (DGS/PD).  An exemption is requested through the following process:

How to Request IT Hardware Contract Exemption

  1. The requesting department must conduct a thorough analysis of the specific business case which justifies the contract exemption. The requesting department documents this analysis using the Justification for Purchasing Outside the Information Technology Statewide Contract form. The form must be approved and signed.

    • The requesting department’s IT Purchasing Authority Contact
    • The requesting department’s Chief Information Officer
    • The DGS/PD Contract Administrator
  2. A copy of the approved exemption is retained in the department’s procurement file
  3. If the purchase exceeds the requesting department’s IT purchasing authority, the form must be submitted to DGS/PD along with the Purchase Estimate.  
  4. If the purchase is limited to brand, the department must also obtain the appropriate approvals.


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