The SUPER Tool is an excel file that your department can use to populate your State Contracting and Procurement Registration System (SCPRS) data. Since the SUPER Tool is created outside the FISCal system, you can use it to upload as many as 50,000 line items at once and save data and come back to it, without losing information. Once you’ve completed your entries, the SUPER Team will review your data, convert your file into a type compatible with the FI$Cal (Financial System of California, pronounced Fis Cal) system and send it back to you, ready for uploading.

Before using the SUPER Tool, ensure all potential SUPER Tool users are properly role mapped as SCPRS processors. Any staff not role mapped may contact their department liaison. Department liaison on the FI$Cal website under Resources.


SUPER Tool is available upon request.

The eProcurement unit is here to assist and are happy to provide several SUPER Tool training options. The SUPER Tool was created to be as user friendly as possible, with instructions on the first tab to guide you through the process, and color codes and drop down menus for easy use. However, we understand Excel can still be a little daunting, so we offer the following training options: 

1. Video On Demand:

2. For departments within the Sacramento Area, we offer on-site, lab style, SUPER Tool training, at no cost to your department. During the two-hour training session, your department will learn the ins and out of the SUPER Tool in live application. Your entire training session will be closely monitored by members of the eProcurement unit, who will be there to assist your team and answer nay questions you may have.

  • All training sessions are held from 1:30 p.m. to 3:30 p.m., Tuesdays - Thursdays.
  • All attendees must have a FISCal User ID, password, and a computer (or laptop) with internet connection.
  • All attendees will need the SCPRS Processor role.
  • Attendees will need to bring live documents (which have not been previously entered into FISCal for SCPRS transactions).



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