This request can be filed when a listed DVBE sub-contractor cannot complete the work according to contract terms and conditions. These procedures may also serve as a reference for prime contractor(s) and DVBE sub-contractor(s) regarding their rights and responsibilities.


Note: All DVBE sub-contractors listed in the contract must be used unless a DVBE substitution is requested and approved by both the awarding department and The Office of Small Business & DVBE Services in writing prior to the commencement of any work by the proposed DVBE subcontractor(s). All substitutions shall maintain the level of participation as the originally listed DVBE sub-contractors.



To submit a DVBE Substitution request, follow the procedure below.


  1. Prime Contractor shall notify the listed DVBE subcontractor and the awarding department of the intended DVBE substitution in writing by certified mail and include the reasons for the substitution. The prime shall submit the following to the awarding department:

    1. A copy of the written notice issued to the listed DVBE with proof of delivery.
    2. A copy of the DVBE's consent or opposition to the substitution.
    3. The business name and certification ID# for the listed DVBE subcontractor and the replacement DVBE subcontractor.


  2. DVBE Subcontractor has five business days to consent or oppose the substitution.

    1. The DVBE's response must be sent to the prime contractor and awarding department in writing, by certified mail.
  3. Awarding Departments must review & decide to approve or deny the substitution request for submittal.

    1. If the substitution request is approved, the awarding department's SB/DVBE Advocate must review and sign the DVBE Substitution Request form.
    2. The awarding department must email the DVBE Substitution Request form and supporting documentation to
  4. OSDS has three working days to approve, deny the request, or to request further information.


  • SB 548, Huff. California Disabled Veteran Business Enterprise Program
  • DVBE Regulations Section 1896.73
  • Public Contract Code Section 4107


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