State Departments are required to award 25 percent of their annual contracting dollars to certified Small Businesses (SB) and 3 percent to certified Disabled Veteran Business Enterprises (DVBE). Public Contract Code 10111 requires your department to report annually, the SB/DVBE participation on all of its state contracts, purchase orders and Cal-Card purchases, to ensure that the participation goals are met. This report is known as the Consolidated Activity Report (CAR) or Form 810.

State agencies, departments, boards, commissions and other entities that must submit a Consolidated Annual Report (DGS PD 810) to the Department of General Services must do so by August 1.

To submit a CAR, use the following instructions.

Step 1. Complete all CAR forms

Complete all CAR forms (DGS PD. 810, 810S, 810A, 810C, 810E), which are listed below.

Step 2. Submit a Cover Memo

Submit a cover memo explaining the following:

  1. What state organizational entities are included in the report (particularly any boards, commissions, conservancies, campuses, laboratories, etc.). Also identify any entities that report independently but are related to an agency or department.
  2. Small Business (SB)/Micro-Business (MB) and Disabled Veteran Business Enterprise (DVBE) participation trends over the last three years (including the current fiscal year being reported) and whether the participation trend was improving or declining.
  3. The effect of anomalies on the total dollars awarded and SB/MB and DVBE participation.
  4. Review of all prior year improvement plan items enacted and action's effect on participation goals.

Step 3. Include an Improvement Plan

In the event that one or more participation goals are not met, a SB/DVBE Participation Improvement Plan must be included.


  • Public Contract Code – Section 10111
  • Government Code – Section 14838.1(f)
  • Military & Veteran Code (M&VC) - Section 999.5


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